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Who Saw Funny People?


Anyone else see this movie tonight? Man, was it a let down. Great one liners, but the plot was bad and the movie was too long. Would have liked to have seen more character development for the supporting cast. Once again, this movie was a let down. Wait for the DVD.


Could've guessed as much.

I don't find Seth Rogen to be the type of actor who can support a comedy in a leading role (I thought he was overrated in Knocked Up, but funny enough in 40-Year Old Virgin). In fact, I don't find him to be particularly hilarious at all, on his own. Not that I dislike him in movies... just that I think he is better when he lets other cast mates carry the load, as well.

I also don't find Adam Sandler's movies very good when he strays from the goofy comedies like Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, Big Daddy or even Mr. Deeds.

I was looking forward to seeing Eric Bana, though, as I like him as an actor.

Thanks for the heads up.


i saw a trailer for it on College HUmor.com and it showed the true side of the movie...that it's a drawn out romantic comedy in disguise

Raaaandy is the best part


the hangover was a let down for me.

thanks for the report.


you're the only one then


He isn't very good at all, no idea how he become so popular over the last year or so. I agree though that him as he was in 40y.o virgin was alot better. I still watch all his movies though, as they do generally make you laugh a few times.


I saw it last night and I actually really liked it. I think it's difficult to make a comedy that has something of a deeper meaning in it, and IMO they succeeded in this one. While you are correct about wanting to see a little more development for the supporting cast, I feel that it didn't take away from the movie too much. As far as the plot goes, while there were certainly some parts that were not well formed and seemed to happen rather suddenly, I felt it did a good job of telling the story of Adam Sandler's character. That being said, I would've liked a little more plot development after George and Ira talk on the way back from SF, especially spoiler the whole George having to live with himself idea end spoiler

All in all, I would have to disagree and saw I found it very very funny and a great mix of comedy and drama. Worth a ticket in my opinion.


Totally agree with this post. The movie was funny to me, plenty of laughs, and if you are into the whole Apatow thing (comedy with a "slice of life" lesson kind of deal) you wont be dissapointed. If you didnt like 40 Year old virgin and Knocked Up, skip it. If you did, go see it.


maybe cause i saw about 3 hours of family guy before watching it.


Saw it, was expecting something different. I wanted to go see something funny, ended up with an actually serious Adam Sandler movie with some romantic comedy thrown in. Had a couple good one liners ("That was your grandpa going to Hell") but I wasn't rofling at any point.

Probably would have appreciated it a lot more if I'd been in a different mood.


Did anyone watch observe and report? I thought that movie was incredibly funny, I was in tears just about the whole time, and that was a movie in which Seth Rogan was the lead. Much funnier than any other movies he has been in, in my opinion.


I thought Observe and Report was awful. It just got me depressed, how pathetic Rogen's character's life was. The ending was great though.


I saw funny people last night. I'll preface my post with the fact that I am a huge apatow guy. There really hasnt been a movie that he has either written/directed or produced that I haven't loved. With all that said, I just didnt "get" funny people. It never really decided what it was.

It was an awkward tweener between a drama and a comedy. I thought the jokes were a bit stale, they went to the penis jokes way too much IMO. At one point Adam Sandler compliments a gardener on the flowers and credits the gardeners big cock for how nice the flowers look. That was just weird and not funny to me. Although i love some of sandlers other movies, I think he was a poor choice here.

He does fit the role of a huge comedy star but he's not really an apatow guy and I thought a lot of funny apatowish lines were delivered poorly by sandler. I also felt that the ending was unresolved. I would have definitly preferred more closure.

The whole leslie mann/ex flame storyline was a no win from the start, you want them to get back together but you don't want to see the family torn apart. Also as everyone has already said, poor supporting cast development, would've liked to see more of the rogen/girl story. I'd say see it, if you've got 11 bucks and like apatows other stuff, it's worth it to form your own opinion.


I'm actually with you on the hangover being a letdown. I had pretty high expectations going into it as everyone's facebook status for about two weeks leading up to my seeing it was some quote or reference to the movie. "funniest movie of all time" was being thrown around.

To me, the hangover was just Dude where's my car: Las Vegas. It was one of those movies that showed every funny part in the previews, so I already knew when every laugh was coming.


I guess that entire movie was either hit or miss for some reason. When I went, everyone in the theater was cracking up. A friend of mine went to go see it after I told her how great it was, and she told me that she was the only one that was laughing hysterically, she barely heard a peep from anyone else, no one even seemed amused. We are both the kind of people who can laugh at any kind of fucked up situation, so we really were able to appreciate the shocking/fucked up humor. His life may have been a downer for some but for me it just set up the laughs really well.


Some reviewer said, "If you thought Abu-Ghraib was funny you'll enjoy Observe and Report." I'm not sure I found Ab-Ghraib funny, but damn if Observe and Report wasn't. I'm waiting for that shit to come out on DVD.

Funny People was good. I was expecting a dramedy, and that's what I got. I didn't even notice it was 2.5 hours long.


Hey man... I haven't seen Funny People, it looks terrible. BUT, I have to defend Rogen, he's a good actor and really funny in a couple movies (Pineapple Express, Knocked Up). Adam Sandler, however, I don't really find funny.


Going to see it in about 15 minutes. Really want to like it, loved the idea when Apatow mentioned it on a radio interview about a year and a half ago, and loved the trailer when I first saw it.

And I liked The Hangover, didn't love it though. And Observe and Report fucking sucked. Maybe if I would have had some kind of idea it was going to be so freaking dark.


I liked it. That's all I'll say.


Glad I'm not alone in the "Seth Sucks" department.
I think Apatow just feels sorry Rogan and just brings him along for the ride with the other truly talented actors he's worked with since Freaks & Geeks.