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Who’s Going To Break The Raw Deadlift Record?

Yeah yeah just keep talking

19.5kg over the record:

Same weight as Benni Magnusson’s super heavyweight deadlift record, set way back in 2011.

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Thought he retook 460 lol. Pinky posted this a few days ago already

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Judging by the gym background and his outfit, I think he attempted this 460 x 1 on the same day that he successfully pulled 410 x 2.
He also replied in the comment section that he will compete in 5 weeks, not sure if it’s going to be WRPF World.

Actually, there were heavy top sets that he never post. In an interview (w/ English subtitle) taking place after Big Dog 4, he said that he pulled 430 x 1 on a stiff bar, twice, leading up to the meet, where he only got his 415 opener and failed 435 in both 2nd and 3rd attempt.

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So are we going to have a party with the big WRPF 50kg bumpers?

Based on that I must have recorded all my squat videos on one day and keep reposting them.

If so then it’s a bullshit WR

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A quick youtube search shows that they didn’t use those thick 50 kg plates at WRPF World 2019 at all. FWIW, they might already abandon those plates.

Probably for the best I think. WRPF are a srs international fed now and growing so losing the clown plates makes em more legit. More interested in the 4th attempt rules hang around

If there is something that needs to be clean-up next, that would be their 4th attempt rule. IMO, 4th attempt should never be counted toward the total for consistency purposes.

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Fair. As long as it doesn’t rewrite the record books it’s a nice thing tho to do just for kicks if a lifter wants to go bigger on the day. It’s more exciting at least for everyone involved.

Let’s hope so, no point in setting records on non-standard equipment.

I think most feds allow 4th attempts, IPF did at one time. Rules might vary from fed to fed, but normally it’s only for record attempts and it will count as a record for that lift but doesn’t add to your total.

Which feds do actually count it towards the total though?

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Since you are a judge, what can you tell us about 4th attempts that we don’t already know? Is there ever a reason other than a record attempt (aside from misloads and such) for a 4th attempt? Do any feds count it towards the total? Is it only the IPF that doesn’t allow a 4th attempt?

Mostly it’s for world record attempts ( it’s not really a 4th attempt if it was a misload, it’s just a re-attempt so it CAN count towards the total )

I don’t believe ANY fed counts towards the total ( but there’s so many these days )

Unsure about the IPF.

Specific to RPS for misloads

  1. If the bar is loaded to a lighter weight than originally requested and the attempt is successful, the lifter may accept the successful attempt or elect to take the attempt again at the weight originally requested. If the lifter chooses to re-take the attempt, they will be placed in rotation at the end of the round.
  2. If the bar is loaded to a heavier weight than originally requested and the attempt is successful, the lifter will be credited with the attempt. However, the weight may be reduced again if required by other lifters. If the attempt is not successful, the lifter will be granted another attempt at the original weight at the end of the round.
  3. If the loading is not equal on each side, or if any changes occur on the bar or discs during the lift and the lift is not successful, the lifter will be granted another attempt at the original weight requested. If the announcer fails to announce a lifter at the appropriate weight, then the weight on the bar shall be reduced as necessary and the lifter will be allowed to take the attempt.

For true 4th attempts reminder that you can set a Squat record but then bomb out on bench and lose the Record. You must TOTAL or have signed up for squat only/bench only/deadlift only, etc to get the record.

Found out something interesting with RPS and RPS WR, if you set an RPS Record ( not a global record ) you are subject to re-weigh-in. If you’re found to be 200 and you weighed in at 180 then your RPS Records will not count for 181s. I do not believe this applies to Global Records for other federations.

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First I ever heard of that. They must be taking orders from Rippetoe.

The Canadian WPC affiliate allows 4th attempts for national records as well, maybe for some feds it’s only WRs.

Yeah RPS is at least any record for 4th.

I kind of like the idea of 4th being for WR only.

Actually they specifically call it out as a means to discourage drastic weight cuts and keep records cleaner for more natural weight lifters. It’s an interesting idea for sure.

Rippetoe has some arguments like that too for his “strengthlifting” meets. I get the logic, but on the other hand it would encourage people to stay dehydrated and depleted throughout the meet which could be even more dangerous. Probably clog some toilets too.