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Who’s Going To Break The Raw Deadlift Record?

IMO it’ll be one of Cailer Woolam, Krysztof Wierzibicki or Jamal Browner who gets it. I reckon Browner is closest if he can get hook grip. Anyone else come to mind?

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Full power or including deadlift only? By which i mean are they breaking Yury’s 970 or Benni’s 1015?

Why not both? They are all great full power but even better deadlifters.

I have different opinions for each basically ha.

Breaking 1015 I think only Wierz has it in him in the short term, so if anyone is going to do it soon its him.

Breaking 970 I think all 3 could do it, and it would be a question of whether Jamal sorts his grip before Wierz or Cailer try it, I think both have it in them already tbh, Wierz was so close to 1,035 (straps) but doesn’t have the same grip problem Jamal does.

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I don’t think Jamal Browner is going to break any records soon due to his grip. On his instagram page the other day he said he tore his thumbs pulling 786 with hook grip, no way he can handle another 200 or so anytime soon.

If Wierzbicki gained some weight that would help, last meet he did he was in the 93kg class for some reason. Before he set his Instagram to private he was saying he’s trying to break Ed Coan’s 901 at 220 on a stiff bar, I’m not really sure what his plan is at this point.

I wouldn’t really count 970 as a record since it was done with giant plates. Belkin can’t even come close to that with normal comp. plates.

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I mean, if we’re going to be picky about which lifts count, Benni’s was deadlift only not full power, so we could argue that doesn’t count either.

Then the record to beat is actually 975, still by Benni, but in a full meet.

It’ll be a long time before Benny’s record is broken. To have the grip strength to hold on to that kind of weight…it is the the greatest lift ever in my opinion and it looked like he had more in him that day.

Point to note is Wierz was still competing IPF this year so is either clean or at least mostly clean and low dose. If he jumped dark side who knows?

Apparently they ran out of plates (not sure if true or not)

Yeah, I would differentiate between full meet and single lift, and of course it needs to be done with standardized equipment.

I was thinking the same thing, even if he isn’t clean now then going full-out and not having to cycle off would make a significant difference, would it not? Also, he pulled 953 recently in an unsanctioned DL-only meet, if he were to say screw weight classes and drug test and just do whatever it takes then I’m pretty sure he could beat Magnusson’s records but like I said before, I’m not sure what he is trying to do at this point. He pulled 375kg at 93 kg earlier this month in a meet in Poland.

He isn’t relaxing on deadlift

or by going ball out and not having an off cycle , he could get injured like pete did

I didn’t say that he was, but the question is if he is trying to break any of the previously mentioned records then why is he cutting down to 93kg? If he could break the ATWR at that weight then for sure nobody could break his record for a long time. But he won’t do it on a stiff bar, that’s for sure.

Does cycling off before a meet to beat a drug test somehow lower the risk of injury?

Agree! Bennie has leverages meant for benching too, which makes the lift incredible! The bar is between his nuts and shaft at the top!

i was reply to your comment about going all out no off cycle . . course that will increase the risk of injury … what hes doing atm seems to be working so why change!

I think he means off season

I was talking about cycling off to beat the drug test at an IPF meet. He hasn’t pulled 900 raw in an IPF meet yet, if he keeps competing like that then he isn’t going to break any all time records.

Cailer Woolam 435kg with more in the tank. If healthy next meet gonna be a massive pull 440+

And Yuri’s latest vid was only 410, and that with straps. Looks like Cailer he’s truly surpassed him in pulling.

Not to say that Cailer isn’t ahead of Yury, but I don’t think Yury has any grip issues (except on Kabuki DL bars) and it looks like he pretty much always uses straps in training. He also seems to save PRs for the platform.