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Who Runs the World?


Sort of explains it...


Since the photo is not the best, this is a pic of JP Morgan, T Roosevelt, Andrew Carnegie, and other wealthy capitalists, greeting Karl Marx.


I thought the picture suggested Santa Claus, thanks for explaining.


The central bankers run the world. They would never tell you on TV so most people probably don't know and even if they did they wouldn't care.


And it has been suggested that they are Jewish. Right, JTF?




I thought it was this guy



JTF: JustTheFacts; a T-Nation member. Brilliant with the facts when it comes to what "the jews" are up to and getting away with. NTTAWWT


HH, do you know the date and the original source for that drawing? I'm just curious.


Pardon me, but I think the sky is falling.


Cartoon by Robert Minor 1911 has Wall Street embracing Karl Marx. It appeared first in the St. Louis Dispatch (I think).

Karl Marx knew that only an authoritarian government would have enough power to enforce "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need." Any wonder that the big power boys back then embraced him? Like inviting the foxes into the hen house...


Me no unnerstan.........me think me 2 dum.........



Tell me something I don't know.

That is the way it has always been and it will always be that way...we need to just get over it.

Focus on your family and the upcoming NFL season or whatever sport you truly enjoy.

Ignorance is bliss.


It's true. The rich and powerful are rich and powerful.


"The unexamined life is not worth living."
--- Socrates


By the time things go bad, I plan to be have established a foothold for myself within the ruling class. I'd like to become part of the establishment.

I hold no allegiance to the ignorant masses and I've no wish to share their fate.

I think the dollar is going to go down the tubes within the next decade, if present trends continue.

I'm young and will be probably be around for the long-term consequences of whatever may come to pass. So, for me, there's no escape.


You are going to be the pissiest Assistant Manager the Taco Hut has ever seen.



Assistant to the Manager


One problem with authoritarian government is that there's no guarantee that (a) you'll be part of the ruling class and (b) the rulers will continue to be puppets behind the scenes.

Think about it: if a large or rich bastards put you into a position of absolute power, why would you continue to take orders from THEM? Hitler comes to mind here...