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Who Remembers The Old BET?


Who here remembers the old BET? Before all the judge shows, before all the MTV reality show rip offs, and before higher production values.

I mean the old BET that had shows like Thea. The BET that had Rap City. The real Rap City before Tigger was the host. Who also remembers the horrible camera BET used? Every program that was on BET looked like someone fogged up the camera.

Prof X and Big Boss, I expect replies.


I used to really like the stand up comic show, not sure what it was called.


Raises hands! BET used to be my source for the latest videos. I used to get my crush on Rachelle she was the sexiest host, I think she hosted video soul or one of the 30 video shows they had. Also Tavis Smiley got his start on BET. Now I just cringe when I see it. I think BET & Lifetime are actually detrimental to their target audience.


Rap City was the shit. I stopped watching like 15 years ago.


BET's goal is to destroy black people, jeez. Haven't you ever seen The Boondocks?!?!? Get wit da program!


I used to watch that too. Shit was funny.


See, you haven't seen the old OLD Bet. The very old BET. Big difference. Shit went downhill around 2001.


Midnight Love,FTW!


Comic View. This guys was always my favorite.


I totally forgot about that!


Arnez J used to have me in stitches..haha. He is one of the most underrated black comedians ever.


This guy was good on comicview as well. So was Gary Owens(white guy). There was also a really old white guy who was funny as hell.

Rap City top 10 was my shit. It would be 1am-2am and I would watch it. I remember Red Man's "I be that" video would always be in the top 10.


Planet Groove around 1998. BET are bastards for not keeping better track of its 80's and 90's footage. As soon as they got money, they just changed into a low rent MTV.


Really old BET. Hell, I was 6. But I remember En Vogue.


Alicia Keys actually performed on Teen Summit when she was like 17 years old. Can't find a clip of it anywhere...but I remember that shit like it was yesterday.....I knew she was going to be a star.


Teen Summit? You mean a show that taught black kids how to handle college life and other adversities in life? Boy, that's a long time ago. It might still be on. Teen Summit was a quality show.


LOL, I was on College Hill one episode. They came into bdubs and my friends and i were haaaaamed, and one of my buds started rapping. Little did we know he'd (and my other friend and I by being next to him) would end up on TV.

Signing the waiver should have tipped us off, but this was after $0.25 beer night.



I loved Comic View, I thought it was much funnier than anything on the Comedy Channel by far. Arnez J was ridiculous funny, he had a bit about his dad coming back from the Vietnam War, holy shit it was funny.


I do back and fourth between thinking..what the hell? and laughing my ass off.Good show


Comic view was great. I think thats the first time I saw Cedric the entertainer.

The white dude was good too. I remember he broke the ice by saying something along the lines of "yeah you dudes weren't laughing when a white guy won the slam dunk contest either"