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Who Really Knows Their Stuff?


I've read all the Berardi stuff, bought PN and thought that was the "right" way to go

Then Joel turns up with his beginners leptin action

Justin Harris steals Berardi's Dave Tate action

Scott Abel rocks up and says eat cyclical cheescake and innervate myself

Art DeVaney says eat like a caveman, but Berardi says they never actually ate what Art eats, so is Art eating what popular fiction tells us cavemen eat or what

Clarence Bass says i have to eat yoghurt

TC says i have to eat 2 Dawgs?

and Lyle McDonald says they are all talking out of their manholes

Who? What? Where? do I trust


Trust yourself.

Take the time to experiment and determine what works best for you rather than blindly follow anyone's advice.

After all, I've yet to see any dietary advice that works equally as well for everyone. Some of us tolerate carbs, while others don't. Some perform well on high-fat diets, while others function better on moderately low fat intake. Some can gain with relatively low protein intake, while others need a very high protein diet.

Stop looking for one all-knowing guru.


If you have bought PN you also know that he has programms on his site similar to Joel Marion's.

They all teach the same stuff anyway, because it works.

Concentrate on the 90% that they have in common and find out the rest yourself.


Alrite, I'll be brutally honest here.

I was able to request PN for a birthday present last November. I bought it to be able to gain access to the forum, and finally have an eating strategy. Did I start it? No. I didn't have the balls to prepare meals and go out of my way to make them quality meals. I read feedback, read articles, and seldom visited the forum. However, I tried to follow the principles, as they made sense.

This past summer, I sat myself down,told myself that there were no excuses, and tried to disregard all these articles coming out about no carbs at night, only carbs in morning, cycle them all the time, look at macronutrients..etc.. basically, I was confused like you, and unsure of what to do

I decided to Fuck it, and adhere to PN. I'm in college now, have started eating in accordance to the ten habits, and like it. I don't get sleepy throughout the day, and rarely binge like I used to. The only draw back? I can't eat enough. I'm packing close to 3000 calories a day, and have room FOR MORE. Just pick one strategy, and follow it. Just like CT said about lifting programs, "If you don't have faith in it, you won't adhere to it, and won't succeed".


As Mr. King pointed out there are many variables and not everyone responds the same way to the same things. In regard to diet lean protein is good for you, healthy fats are good for you, complex carbs are good for you. The key is finding the right ratio of each and the overall caloric amount to facilitate the gains you are looking for.



Trust me...Rocky Road.


My way of figuring it out is to look for things that at least three experts agree on. If you do the things that are the common denominator, you'll have enough success that you can experiment with the fringe stuff. Also if you take the time to understand the science part it really pays off when you're translating someone's material into an actual plan.

My experience so far has been that everyone is right, they just only tell part of the story.