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Who Profits From Bird Flu Scam?


By Drew

You can't make any real money without a boogeyman, and the new "Bird Flu" hoax is the latest scam used to generate profits for pharmaceutical company insiders.

"Finally, the pieces of the puzzle start to add up," writes Dr. Joseph Mercola, author of the "Total Health Program." "President Bush sought to instill panic in this country by telling us a minimum of 200,000 people will die from the avian flu pandemic but it could be as bad as 2 million deaths in this country alone."

"This hoax is then used to justify the immediate purchase of 80 million doses of Tamiflu, a worthless drug that in no way shape or form treats the avian flu, but only decreases the amount of days one is sick and can actually contribute to the virus having more lethal mutations," Mercola continues.

"So the U.S. placed an order for 20 million doses of this worthless drug at a price of $100 per dose. That comes to a staggering $2 billion.

US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, former chairman of Gilead, the manufacturer of Tamiflu, will also make big profits, since he is a major shareholder.

Better yet, Bilderberger spokesman Etienne F. Davignon (Vice-Chairman, Suez-Tractebel)and Reagan-Bush Cabal insider former Secretary of State George P. Shultz, PhD (Distinguished Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University) are also on the board of directors of Gilead. (http://www.gilead.com/wt/sec/bod)

Another Bilderberger regular is Lodewijk J.R. de Vink, who sits on the board of Hoffman-La Roche, Gilead's partner.

In other words, the "Bird Flu" scam will generate outrageous profits for globalist-insiders like Shultz, Rumsfeld, Davignon, and de Vink.

And where did Tamiflu come from?

According to the Gilead website, "In September 1996, Gilead and F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd. entered into a collaborative agreement to develop and market therapies that treat and prevent viral influenza. Under the agreement, Roche received exclusive worldwide rights to Gilead's proprietary influenza neuraminidase inhibitors, including orally administered Tamiflu (oseltamivir phosphate), formerly known as GS 4104. As part of this collaboration, Gilead and Roche jointly conducted clinical development of oseltamivir phosphate, with Roche funding all research and development costs.Roche has worldwide commercial rights to Tamiflu, and Gilead receives payments from Roche for the successful completion of program milestones and royalties on product sales." ( http://www.gilead.com/wt/sec/partners )

It should be remembered that Rumsfeld loves pharmaceutical scams. It was after all Rumsfeld, as chairman of G.D. Searle, who pressured the FDA to get Aspartame approved.

The FDA blocked its approval for ten years before Rumsfeld twisted arms and broke who knows how many legs at the FDA. Now Aspartame, an artificial sweetener as ubiquitous as it is toxic, continues to poison America and the world.

So here's an advertising tagline.

Tamiflu -- It's the Bird-Flu Scam-Drug For You.


Holy Crap.

JTF's protege strikes again.


I love the by-line:

by Drew

Who dares question Drew's credibility?


Go ahead, I know you guys missed me...


I believe it.


Ah, come on, I can come up with a better conspiracy theory on the crapper.

They should've thrown in the West Nile Virus and where are the Illuminati???

Frankly, you'd expect the New World Order by now if the conspiracies could only be half as good as those we can read on line.



I'm surprised, given how painfully well researched I'm sure this was, that the author missed proposals in the EU to override the big, bad pharmaceutical company's IP rights and allow other companies to manufacture the drug.

Or the fact that this is a worldwide and UN-driven pre-crisis focus on the Avian Flu -- I guess Rummy's expanded his influence a little bit...


Why do people always go to "Dr" Mercola for insights on the medical world? It's like going to McDonalds to get nutrition information. They tell you just enough to make sure you'll be coming back.



Got chicken?


Buy pharmaceutical stocks. If you believe that the Bilderburg group is causing this scare, there's obviously nothing WE can do about it -- so get rich! If we have to live in the New World Order, who's more likely to survive, some poor sap or a rich guy? Think the price of oil's being manipulated? Buy the stocks. Think the USA is being spent into bankruptcy? (I believe this one.) Buy gold.
Unless and until we can do something to change things, you should simply ride the powerful waves.


Maybe the drugs are a scam, maybe. But I think avian flu is a real threat and should be taken seriously. I don't think it is the same strain but here in BC a few years ago practically every chicken was slaughtered in a cull to combat the spread of the flu.


I heard of the Bird Flu a while ago, and its possible effects. I believe at the time, pharm companies had no desire to make vaccines because they were unconcerned by it. They didn't condier it a threat.


It would be a mixed blessing for me if the bird flu were tohit the states.

Downside: A lot of people die, and the press blames Bush - ala Katrina.

Upside: I hate chicken. They are the grossest animal on the face of the planet, and they taste like shit.


LMAO That was one of the strangest downside/upsides I've read in a while. Good times!


I dont know that I believe this one. In 1918, the government kept telling people that everything was fine, and not to panic. And see how well that worked out.

If the scientific community didn't think this was something to worry about, we would not have heard about it.

And if it is a big scam, for once I say I dont care. I would rather be to careful with something like this than worry about some government scam.

Hell, if it is true, Bush himself could get it. Diseases like that don't differentiate between party lines...


Pfff, Bush can't get sick. That's crazy talk.


Believe it.

Or don't.

I really don't care either way. I'm thinking this is the real deal, finally. SARS sure as hell fizzled out on me quick. AIDS looked promising but really slowed down lately, plus it's just too damn slow.

But this "bird flu" as they call it looks promising. Spreads fast, self mutating, and in few more generations it's going to be lights out in 7 days or less.

Captain Tripps.

I'm in Utah now, waiting till this thing gets rolling, then I'll be heading south again. See you all in Vegas, maybe.



best book ever.


It has to be caused by the government to follow the book. Did they infect the chinese chickens? (LMAO)