Who Pins Their Lats?

Just tried this out. Lower lat self administered. One of the best spots so far. Virgin muscle, and still no pip. Will update if lats turn out not as great as I thought.

I cant reach mine. I scratch my back against a wall.

Not the easiest to do for sure. It was painless though.

You just need to tape the plunger to the wall, then back up to the needle, then press against it. It’s simple.


90% of time im doing the lazy spot… Quads. I just sit on my PC, read this forum and just pin it in the leg with 0 effort and yoga skills needed.

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Is this really how you did it?? :joy::joy: I’ve always wanted to try lats but can’t reach it

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I hate when I can’t tell if serious

Not actually how I do it. I just go in a bit under the arm pit. Lower lat. Only a bit harder than delt.

I pinned the front side of the lat. I don’t think you need to go all the way around to the back side.


Not me. No way can I reach back there. No matter where I stick it I have no pain.

Time to grow them so you can touch them from the front :wink:

HaHa so that is my problem. My lats are so small I can’t reach them. And here I thought my arms were so big I lacked the reach.
For years I just did sub’Q in the belly and love handles. But after 7 years of 3+ sticks a week, I could not take that anymore. Now I only do IM in the muscle just above my ass cheek.

Get a laptop

Cost twice as much for same stuff. Dont see the point as i have no need to take it anywhere.

This is the part most seem to misunderstand. Pin the FRONT part of lat. You have to change your grip on the syringe. Hold w thumb and plunge w index finger.


I pin lats and ALL three parts of my shoulder!!!

And I stand right at 6’ at 235 lbs!!!

I have pinned my lats a handful of times when delts were too sore. I got the wife to pin them for me. My lats were sore for a day or two afterwards but nothing that stopped me from working out or prevented me from pinning them again.

I’ve always wanted to try, I might next blast. How much volume are you putting in there? I’m sitting at my desk and just pinched my lower lats to make sure I can get to em hahaha, seems easier than I was imagining.

Right now, only 0.25 mL for my cruise dose.

My last blast I was pinning 1.1mL each pin, and I rotated between glutes, delts, and lats

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Is there a “best body part” to pin? if you have big enough calves would that work as well?

For me personally, glutes usually work the best. But if I’m pinning a small amount of oil and using a small gauge syringe. I’ll go delts over and over