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Who Owns This Physique?


I've seen this picture before, and the balance always blows me away. Anyone know who this is? Or is it a really good photoshop? I just want to know the story behind it.


That isnt even photoshoped. It's airbrushed onto his skin.


fake and ghey


That's just some dude wearing one of those t-shirts.


That would be the most ripped guy in the world.


It looks like someone went over all the creases with the burn tool in Photoshop. The right arm (this side --->) at the elbow crease gives it away.


Jellyous haters...


does this own who's physique to represent bodybuilding


It's my friend, St.George.


Dickneck in a body suit.


this own to physique represent does this who's


mr. zhasni?


I originally saw it posted in one of his videos, but somehow I doubt it's actually him.


Yes, my San Diegan brother. This absolutely owns who's physique to represent all bodybuilding.


That's me


It's Kyriakos Papadopoulous, a rather semi-famous greek fitness-model-turned-bodybuilder.
Look up his facebook page.


Who the heck was taking a picture of me during my bulking phase? Now I'm just pissed. I was holding so much water.


OMG, that's Celtics.

I told you idiots that he had the best workout program and now you see the results.


What you don't see is the shoe the guy is holding that has been cropped out....it's eliteballa


Does anyone else really really miss celtics2022 ?

I do.