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Who Needs Cardio

So I just started a a new split.

Mon: chest, shoulders,triceps.
Tues: back biceps.
Wed: off.
Thurs: legs.
Fri: full body circuit.

My goals are to lose some fat and if possible gain some muscle along the way. My diet will be the T-dawg diet.

My question is how much cardio does one need when on diet like this? I know it has to do with the individual, but clearly cardio 7 days a week would not be necessary. About how many days would I need to lose 2 lbs a week?


What you don’t achieve with diet will need to be made up in activity

Also, why not give your current weight and height?

The answer could be different given that info.

I am 5’9 aboout 180 want to get down to 165-170

If you are at all serious about trying to gain (I’d say even maintain) any muscle you may have, 2lbs a week ain’t gonna happen.

Why the hurry? I mean, I could ask why you’d want to drop to such a low weight, I’ll resist, but reiterate, why the hurry.

I hate to even give advice here because it goes against my way but I’d say shoot for about a 2lb PER MONTH drop. This puts you at your goal in 6 months or so at which time I believe you will have a different goal anyway. I think for you to maintain a serious 4 day workout you can’t afford a 1000 cal a day deficit.

Look, I am a newb when it comes to gaining, but losing I know. If your gonna lose weight at 2 pounds a week

  1. It’s not gonna be mostly fat
  2. You don’t need that workout plan, it won’t help if you are in that much of a defficet of calories.

I suggest you either bulk up then lose, or lose and then bulk up. Unless you want to take it slower, like 1/2 to 1 pound per week lost. Try reading “Massive Eating.”