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Who Manufactures Testoviron?

I checked the Bayer web site (global, UK, IE) and none of them list TestoViron as a product they own.

Anyone know where it’s still listed?

Well its a mix of prop and enanthate now days. But Schering from what I have read, called both propionate and enanthate Testoviron. As Schering was purchased by Bayer in 2006 it appears to be a drug no longer manufactured above ground (assuming due to the fact it is not listed on Bayer Healthcare website) (name of the acquired company). Although a lot of questionable websites sell a “depot” version (capsule).

The packaging suggests Bayer, but since their web site no longer lists it, I’m starting to wonder if it is just a ‘copy’ of something that used to get produced.

If Testoviron is no longer produced by Bayer, then is there a ‘legitimate’ version of Testoviron out there?