Who Makes the Best Plates?

I thought this would be the best place to ask. My friend (who buys the equipment for Miami University’s gym and powerlifting team) says York Barbell, hands-down, and is very disparaging towards GPI, Olympia and anything that’s not York. He said this on the basis of accuracy to weight, apparently York will melt down anything that’s not within a 1/10th of a pound and recast it. Any truth to this? Does GPI really suck shit? Just curious about this, my shitty rec center gym has tons of GPIs, poorly cast Olympias and a handful of York barbells.

Ivanko, Eleiko and Leoko make the best plates and bars tbh.

I like Eleiko.

+1 for eleiko


I own an Ivanko competition set. Its a lot cheaper than the Eleiko. The bars tend to have some whip in them, but if you’re only going for plates, Ivanko makes great plates that are substantially less in cost, but maintain a great level of quality, plus its American (although it says China on the plates).

I’ve seen a lot of GPI plates lately, and they all come from the factory with dings and imperfections, I’ve even cut myself on a couple of them.

You can bet that if they even can’t cast them to look good, they probably aren’t all that accurate.

[quote]Hanley wrote:
Ivanko, Eleiko and Leoko make the best plates and bars tbh.[/quote]


in addition to the names mentioned above, Uesaka is known to make superb bars, and I am sure their plates are top notch as well.