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Who Makes Poliquin's Supplements?

So I did a little research and I found out that Metagenics and Designs for Health make most of Poliquin’s supplements. I also saw that Xymogen makes Testolibre.

And then I looked up some of the Metagenics versions Of Poliquin’s supplements on Amazon and a lot of them are a good $10-$20 cheaper depending on the product.

My real question is…who makes his BCAA, Beta-Alanine, and Quardricarb?

I tried calling his store and they wouldn’t tell me…“It’s proprietary” they said. But I’ve got a wild hair that’s telling me if I found I could get those supplements cheaper somewhere else.

Anyone have any thoughts.

Let’s see this research

This would be good info if you found it. I know other practs that have searched outwards and found different blended or all together different products based on top companies/coaches. He isnt the end all be all of supplements. A lot of practs trust jarrow brands. I get a big discount with his stuff so I use it wisely.

I asked him about his prodcuts and companies he outsources to. It was a pretty interesting reply. The dude basically highers P.Is to look into other CEOs, companies and distributors. It was a lengthy explanation. His final reason made total sense and sealed the deal with me on trusting him for quality control.

gkeeper24: Just go on Metagenics website and look at their products.

For Example:

Fenugreek plus from Metagenics = Fenuplex Poliquin

Adreset from Metagenics = Yin Builder Poliquin

Serenagen from Metagenics = Serenity 2.0

Paleo Bars from DFH = Primal Bars Poliquin

Just check it out. There is a lot more than that.


Yeah, I have no doubt a lot of his stuff is the best and I’m sure there are a lot of other companies to buy from. That’s why I started this thread…to find them.

Also I have to say I was a little disappointed when I found out that Metagenics formulas are the same as his for two reasons. 1) I was under the belief that Charles and all his wisdom created these products himself. 2) I found them cheaper on Amazon after paying full price for a bunch of them.

Oh well, I’ve gotten so much info from his teaching I guess I shouldn’t mind ponying a few bucks to the man.

[quote]Ride wrote:
So I did a little research…[/quote]
When did you join this website? Are these really your first three posts?


Why do you care? Seriously?

It’s called branding. That’s what companies do. Do you really think Biotest makes all their supplements? They probably develop the formulas and set the QC specifications that need to be met and then farm out production to a trusted supplier. If you were to go to the same supplier to buy whey, you may be getting the off-spec stuff that didn’t meet the Biotest criteria.

Same with Poloquin. You may be paying for high spec material, or you may be paying for the same shit, just with Poloquins name on it.