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Who Loves the Holidays?

So in my business, there isn’t really shit happening from now til January 2.

I sit around and watch youtube videos all day in my office. Frankly I could just not come to work for a month and a half and it wouldn’t make a difference. Fantastically boring. We are starting to collect trays of cookies, finger foods and even little sandwiches from our vendors, and this will keep up through the end of December.

And in a few days, I will be stuffing myself with turkey and sweet potatoes. I like “killing it” at the gym during the holiday season. It is the perfect time to bulk without much effort in dietary change.

Anyways, who else is feeling celebratory this week?

I like the holidays but I hate buying and receiving gifts.

Thanksgiving is my favorite. Get together as a family, watch football, and have enough turkey left over to bring to work for 2 weeks.

I’ve never been much of a holiday person - all this stupid pressure to be so damn happy and cheery.

And, of course, that means I’m married to Clark Griswold himself.

I like this week. It used to be that the malls started decorating now but they already did Nov 1st. When Christmas does come, I just want it to be over. December is a good month to be at the gym before the people with their resolutions. At least they are nice about and just crowd the cardio area or kitty weights.

I still have tons of work left for the next 3 weeks, before I leave for a holiday in SA - 4 pitches and 2 shows to get out - which means I’m tired and not eating as much as I should be.

My workplace slows to a crawl this time of year as well. Regardless, the Holidays are a pain in the ass.

I prefer Thanksgiving as it seems to be the best family holiday and you can reflect on all the blessings in your life. The food helps too…

Christmas has been so convoluted from it’s true meaning; it’s rarely celebrated for the birth of Christ. When department stores annually hedge their bets on Xmas, you know things are completely out of whack.

Nope, not a big fan of the holidays.

I enjoy the holidays, very happy times.

[quote]MangoMan305 wrote:
I enjoy the holidays, very happy times.[/quote]

Same here. Plus I get a month off of uni. :smiley:

I guess I’m just corny but I miss Christmas for what I guess I think it’s supposed to be…none of this shopping insanity and buying kids PS3’s and shit. I like Christmas when I think of all those old Christmas shows on TV, snow, caroling and looking at your neighbors insane light display. I don’t like the materialistic attitude that seems to have pervaded everything.

Heat/Snow Miser:

[quote]malonetd wrote:
Nope, not a big fan of the holidays.[/quote]

Same here. I could do without them honestly.

[quote]pushmepullme wrote:

And, of course, that means I’m married to Clark Griswold himself.[/quote]


God damn I love that movie.

I hated x-mas for many years. I refused to get presents for anyone. I would only see my dad and sister during that time.

But since having a kid. And seeing what Christmas does for her. I remember back when my parents use to get the house all done up and stuff. How excited I got for x-mas. So now its my turn to make my daughters life light up at x-mas.

I suppose if I never had a child I would still hate it.

I like the holiday vibe. But gift giving lately is getting out of hand, especially with all these commercials from best buy hinting that the only good gifts are over $1000.

I drew my cousins name this year and instead of the usual christmas list garbage, I got him:

1 eliteFTS basic training manual
2 CoC grippers + trainer
spud straps
1 super foam roller

He better like it.

I don’t like Christmas. I wish I was a kid again and enjoy it like I used to.

Now all I worry about is finding gifts for people.
Luckily my family draws names and I only have my sister to buy for. I know i’m going to have a panic attack and suffer from anxiety in the mall. Christmas - Please go away.

I like feeling like a kid again around Christmas, it’s all about attitude. When I see the lights get thrown up, I discard all thoughts about capitalism, greed, and thriftiness and focus on trying to be as upbeat and friendly as I can. Plus, it helps that I still enjoy Christmas carols.

So yes, I freaking love the holidays.

It was fun when my kids were little, and everything was magic and Santa Claus.

Now it’s just a month of heavy drinking and credit card bills.

I still love Christmas. Now what I have a few nephews, I love it even more. It’s fun just to watch how they enjoy it.

I’m not sure I’ll ever get tired of it. I guess if I never have kids of my own and as my nephews get older, I could not being that into it then.

Shopping isn’t much of an issue for me now as I get most of it done online. The rest I take care of early or I shop at odd hours, so I’m never usually fighting with the crowds.

Since I’m already done with my shopping, at this point it’s all drinking and parties. Good times!

The holidays suck.

In NY, that means cold weather, people being bigger assholes than normal, and christmas music playing on the radio from November to February.

Plus, come January first, we’re going to have to deal with these fat fucks’ resolutions to lose the gut. Then lose the motivation by the beginning of February.

[quote]AngryVader wrote:
Since I’m already done with my shopping, at this point it’s all drinking and parties. Good times![/quote]

Oh! If we’re talking about drunken Christmas parties, then, hell yeah, I love the holidays.