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Who Loves BJs?


Ben n Jerry's has a new flavor, but I'll pass.


I though this was gonna be about BJ's Wholesale Club.

Or just bj's.


I thought it was about the BJ League.

(Basketball Japan League).

I'm supporting Hamamatsu Higashimikawa Phoenix. I hope they win again.


I thought it was going to be about BJ's Brew House. Great fish tacos.


Me too. This is bait and switch, I tell ya.


I thought it was about LBJ. Or as the Mexican prostitutes called him...El BJ


Same here also good micro brewery.

Mac and Cheese is out of this world


Hahahaha, do they play 8 foot hoops?



I thought this thread was about blowjobs.


well, it is about schweddy balls


I like it when a girl puts my dick in her mouth.

It's better than ice cream.


you have never had brownie batter flavor have you?


I'm sure muscle lips over there has had "baby batter" flavor though


More realistic



I feel cheated - you owe me hawt pics of girls or stfu.




Here you go Lou



Now I want to you a gif with you doing this, Charlie. :wink:


ha ha no and for some reason my avi change was only in tk??



DO IT!! lol