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Who Looks Good??

We are always talking about how our bodyfat is too high, or our strength is too low etc… so I want to know who is feeling better and looking better and what you attribute this to.

I attribute this feeling because I recently began doing threesomes, foursomes, and even fivesomes with my boyfriend, plus i take it in the ass whenever he asks, and have recently made a pact with myself to give him blowjobs on demand. You girls feeling a little low about yourselfs should try this.

June 2001 - 230lbs - soft and fat caused by a one year absence from the gym and general lack physical fitness accompanied by terrible eating habits.
Currently - 200lbs - feeling awesome - best fitness level in the past 3 years - not as strong in lifting as I was before my lay off but much leaner (working on a 4 pack).
I attribute this to working my ass off in the past 4 month using methods employed by Coach Davies. I have been using almost strickly bodyweight excercises and other strange things like choping a tire with an axe. Best I have felt and looked in a long time. As far as diet goes I get my carbs from veggies, fruit and oats; I get plenty of protein and flax, olive and fish oil are part of my daily diet. I pretty much eat instinctively while trying not to have too many carbs ( <150 g a day).

I feel very good now due to a loss of about 35 lbs. fat and muscle. I am done with athletics now so no reason to be that heavy. I have a streneuos job and just do some strongman stuff afterward and it is awesome.

This time last year I was sitting at 150 and five percent bodyfat. Right now I’m 160 at the same. I’m no Coleman, but I’m progressing steadily and that is all I ask for. What do I attribute this to? Consistency (haven’t cheated on diet once since July 4th), lots of time spent reading books/articles from a variety of experts (Poliquin, Serrano, Berardi, King, Staley, Starr, Davies, Phillips…okay just kidding about the last one) and working my ass off in the gym. Also, I have been in the game for about four years consistently and each time I embark upon a new training program or try a diet plan I learn something about myself and how my body responds. I also know what supplements work for me and which ones don’t. And most importantly, I’ve learned that the best supplement, bar none, is FOOD.

Dec 2000 - 275 pounds @ 6’1"
Began working out in april 2000
Dec 2001 - 218 Pounds.

I’m in the best shape of my life, and I have solid goals to get better that I WILL follow. And the SEX…whew!

Girly Girl, sounds like you be calling yourself girly boy.

Never be satisfied, there is always room for improvement.

October of 1999, I was in a hospital after liver problems and I weighed under 100 lbs at 5’9" when I was 18 years old. I was so scrawny that my bodyfat didn’t even register on skin calipers. Pretty much everyone I knew was afraid I was going to die. Now, 27 months later, I’m 167.5 at 11.3% bodyfat (the highest it has been yet). I estimate that my deadlift has increased by about 300 lbs. If all goes well, I’ll reach my goal for the end of the year of 190. Eventually, I’d like to be ripped at 200. However, I have to tell you that all the stats don’t mean a damn thing when you can truly appreciate being healthy. I’ll never take another trip to the gym for granted, nor will I ever leave one rep in the hole when I know I have it in me. That’s what I attribute my success to; treating each day as if it is your last.

Agree with Chris T… “Never be satisifed”…
think Ive adopted that attitude for the last 3 years…in General… 1998 got 6 foot 2… weighed in at a whopping 320+… Sept. 1999 got down to 178(skin and bones)…Last august got to 195 (http://profiles.yahoo.com/solareclipz) …currently 218 and were aiming for 230 before going on a cutting cycle… question now though is… where the heck to buy pants at! :wink: