Who Lives in LA?

Probably moving to LA in November and I am looking forward to meeting other t-men and t-vixens out there.

I live about 20 minutes east of Los Angles in West Covina. Where exactly are you moving to?

I live in San Diego, about 2 hours south (on a good traffic day, and depending on where in LA).

I am usually in the Hollywood/Pasadena areas visiting friends every year…I’ll be there this Dec/Jan. for New years. Let me know if you wanna hang man!

I live in the heart of the Sunset Strip (right behind the House of Blues) in West Hollywood. I walk to and workout at the Crunch Fitness in the Virgin Megastore complex at 8000 Sunset. Lot’s of eye candy there (surgically enhanced butt-thong goddesses abound), but no real lifters. Good news: the power rack is always available (except when some mullet head is performing curls). Bad news, I cannot find a soul who knows how to spot me on my Max Effort squat days (I currently use the WSB system), I cannot use chalk and some a-hole trainer always tells me that I will hurt myself when I perform box squats or goodmornings.

I live in LA and train at the LA lifting club. When you get here you have to check it out - it’s a serious powerlifting gym with the nicest equipment you’ll ever find. Reverse hyper, sleds, bands and chains, 200 lb. DBs, etc., etc. Mecca for serious strength trainers.

Zev, where exactly is this gym located?

Thanks guys! I will be in touch when I get out there

Ahhh, the LA Lifting Club! I wish that there were such a place to train within a reasonable distance from my home. Unfortunately, LA traffic and my work schedule being what they are, I cannot make it out there. You are a lucky man! I guess I will have to be stick at my “basis for every stereotype about LA Gyms” training facility for the time being. I sure do get some odd looks when I perform floor presses, 1-arm d-bell snatches, GM’s, box squats, etc. God forbid that I actually grunt during a low rep max effort lift. On labor day, the loud annoying techno music was conspicuosly cranked up to an ear-splitting level right after I completed a max triple squat off of a very low box and (gasp) actually made a little noise!

Freedom - the LA lifting club is located in Burbank, just off the 5, at the intersection of Burbank blvd. and Victory pl. If you’re in West Covina, it’d take you ~40 minutes to get there with no traffic.

Matt - I was just at the Laemmle theater next to Crunch fitness the other day. Watching the people that come in and out of that place is really a trip. I feel for ya, man!

I’m in CA, once a month. I work out at Gold’s Venice. I just moved to AZ from Venice CA.