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Who Likes to Shoot?


I'm thinking of taking up shooting as a hobby. For now, I'm divided between archery and the air pistol. Actually, I'm going to give archery a try either way. Shooting a gun seems more expensive and a hassle to get a membership.

My hands are pretty shaky (I have a history of thyroid issues) so shooting guns may not be easy for me. How different is archery from shooting a gun? Are steady hands very important?

What are the different challenges that archers face as compared to gun equipped precision shooters? I realize archery requires some strength but I imagine it not being an issue for anyone who has touched a weight.

Is there anyone out there who has done both? It seems no one has ever excelled in both.

Any input is welcomed.


The shaky hands is going to be a problem likely both for archery and pistol shooting (at least at moderate ranges). It wouldn't matter as much if you're planning on shooting rifles/shotguns, as you can brace them against yourself and have the option of shooting from prone.

Shooting guns is a lot more expensive (after the initial purchase), that's true.

I have done archery and shot around 20 different guns, but only have a beginner/moderate level of skill with each. I don't see why you couldn't get good at both if you practiced enough though. It seems there are a fair amount of hunters who go out for both gun and bow hunting seasons, there have to be some out there who are good at each.

You could always consider meeting halfway and getting a crossbow. Offers stability from bracing but allows you to retrieve your arrows/bolts (less expensive).


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Body awareness gained from weightlifting, specifically keeping a tight core/back, is a huge benefit for shooting. Instead of using your body to create explosive movement, you have to align your body so that explosive shock goes down your spine, legs, and blows out the bottom of your feet.

For specifics, it would be a good idea to go to a local club/range and see if they have training.


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My friend is actually taking me shooting for the first time next weekend. I don't know much on guns, but we play Call of Duty sometimes and he says he has a good amount of those guns, just not fully automatic obviously. I'm stoked to try out his Aug.


oh does he now?

please take pics of 'a good amount of those guns'



This is the FN Minimi. I had one like it when I was in the Canadian army years ago. If ever I tell my students about it nowadays , I have to tell them it's the SAW from CounterStrike so they know what I'm talking about.


That's a good idea. I am now going to bring my camera.


you guys had 249s PARA versions in the canadian army?

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Shooting is excellent fun! There's something humbling about firing a powerful handgun or rifle; at least at a range, I sadly never got a chance to go hunting before I left the states. I don't know if you can get night range shooting with tracer rounds at public ranges?

Always fancied archery but the only proper bow I tried (beyond the ones you make as a kid ;p) to pull was a neighbors compound bow which was far beyond my pulling capacity.

Why not try both? Shouldn't take you too long at all to figure out which one you prefer/can afford.


I don't know what that means, but you're right if what you're talking about is the stock being different and the barrel being longer, because now that I look at it...that picture I posted doesn't look like the one I had, but only close.


I googled again and this looks closer.

There's a pic of me with mine....only one, and my parents have it back in Canada.


I belong to a local gun club where I coach our club's youth shooting team that my 12 year old daughter competes on. We shoot IDPA, IPSC, Steel Challenge, etc... Here's a clip I put together from a recent Steel Challenge practice...


Clip so awesome it's blinding me!!! ^^


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Best of luck with whatever you choose, Alffi.


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I hope Finland doesn't have many clock towers.


I had one of those, but it wasn't full auto. I used it for varmint killing. Rabbits, Nutria Rat, Gophers, Ground Hogs, etc....