Who Let the Ginger in the Gym?

Greetings T-Nation.

(cliff notes at the bottom if you dont read novels much)

I’ve been lurking a while here, posting occassionally, and currently have a little downtime in my training to start and stick to a log. Follow if you want, post if you want, but be warned, you miiiiiight catch gingervitis (is it contagious over the internet? I don’t know…)

Background: I’m a little guy by nature, by genetics. Dad was 5’9 and about 150 when he was in the Army Rangers and he can’t be any more than that now… metabolism be damned, all he does is drink and eat, but I digress.
Started playing football in 8th grade, I was a wiry little shit at 123 pounds doing powercleans and benches, not a whole lotta squats and I literally never heard of a deadlift until I was about 15-16 probably. at 15 years old I powercleaned 190 pounds at 123 pounds, and benched 150 (I have long arms, no chest, and i constantly hurt my elbows and shoulders hitting people in and out of pads)

16 years old I crush my T12 vertebrae about 50-60 percent in the bottom of a dogpile. dropped from 140 or 145 pounds to maybe 135 until I finally came to college and started eating and lifting when I was about 19.

At the beginning of this year I was 172 pounds and maybe 9-10 percent bodyfat, I’m 5’9.
I have approximately 14.5 or 15 inch arms, and had 23 inch upper legs at the height of my ‘bulk’. The reason I’m starting a log now is actually twofold… a little advice would be great, and to track my progress back up.

Three weeks ago today I was in a car wreck… totalled my 72 cutlass with a frame off restoration and built engine. Wrapped around a telephone pole… beat and bruised me, slight concussion probably… and my left arm took a deep cut in it, my tricep muscle was torn and it took six staples and a stitch or two to seal it all up.

So I’ve been to the gym twice or three times since then, giving my body time to rest… drinking too much… things of that nature. Diet went to shit because my metabolism shut down, and my work capacity is ridiculously low. I went in and did some box jumps and pull ups and rows(a few exercises I could actually do) and was sweating bullets and panting. Ridiculous.

in the past I’ve done
235 powerclean (not a squat clean, an actual 'power’clean)
335 x 2 below parallel squat
425 x 2 dead
225 x 2 bench
48" box jump
(and I have videos of some of them too, give it a little time and I’ll have 'em posted)
185 x 2 push press


I want to put some size on, I put on 30ish pounds in a year and got leaner, all I have to do is tear my muscles down and feed them, they do all the work for me, since I love going to the gym. I have to drag myself out of there in an hour/hour and a half or else I’ll stay for 2 hours.
I like to have heavy lifts, and to be strong, but I’m not all about powerlifting or bodybuilding either. I want to be bigger, I want to be stronger, and that’s a pretty broad goal… I like to have little goals like ‘455 deadlift by the end of the summer’ and such
As you could imagine, a little bit of a tricep tear, some bruised thighs and my wrist is kinda weak could wreak some tolls on my gym life.

I’ll put on here what I do in the gym and occassionally throw a video up here. I feel like a tool if I have someone take a video of something unimportant though, curls or some bullshit.

TLDR: skinny kid my whole life decided to put some muscle on and has been injured several times, working on keeping my size and strength up despite the hurdles life throws my way.

Thanks for following, chime in with some input

Push press

Interested in this. I’m following.

Rows (lots of body english, but it was definitely the heaviest I’ve ever gone)

That’s 265 in case the blurriness makes it hard to tell… 2 45lb plates and 2 10s on each side. I definitely wouldn’t be ‘cheating’ as much if it were like 155 :stuck_out_tongue:

White guys can’t jump, here’s proof

Yesterday’s gym day was somewhat of a shitty leg day…

-box jumps and foam rolled a little bit, then went and did 2 sets of calf raises (pause at the bottom and feel the stretch, fast concentric)
-Squats - 225 x 4, 245 x 5, 265 x 3 (wasn’t feeling it, my hams were pretty tight so I stretched a bit and went to front squats)
-Front sq - 155 x 6, 175 x 8, 195 x 5 or 6
-walking lunges w/ dbs - 55s x 12, 70s x 8, 55s x 12
-Leg Extensions - just burned out one set, couldn’t tell ya what the weight was… 12-15 reps or so
-went over and did some woodchoppers and then held a plank with my feet hooked on the TRX straps, just a little core work waiting on my roommate to finish his cardio and then I had a protein shake, some carbs, and that’s a wrap.

-Didn’t feel like my left leg was doing much work, my right was continually taking over in squats and front squats… but in lunges it was fine. I’ll do more single leg stuff next workout, and in the meantime do some foam rolling and soft tissue work (I bought a tennis ball and a foam roller, I can do them every day if I remember to)
-didn’t eat as much as I should have, but my metabolism lit up (I mean I sweat for an hour or two after a chilly shower) and I’m hungry right now so I’ll go eat some steak and get ready for my first pushing day that I’ll try out since the wreck.

Did an upper body/push workout today. Was pretty humbling. I had my preworkout supp, my carbs, and was well rested… but when I got to the gym it just didn’t ‘come together’.

-a few external rotations and band pulls to stretch/warm up
-incline BB press - 135 x 5, 155 x 4, 175 x 3, 160 x 4(my left arm, the one with the torn tricep, wasn’t cooperating, even after dropping the weight down so I gave up on the BB press)
-seated DB overhead press - Did these from touching the shoulders to full lockout with max effort, then slowly dropped them, rotating from neutral grip at bottom to pronated at top… felt good actually)
40s x 5, 45s x 5, 50s x 5, 55s x 6
-Face pulls with a double rope from slightly above eye level- some weight x 12, more weight x 12, maxed out the machine x 10 (it’s a LifeFitness cable machine, says ‘200’ on it but it’s probably half that.)
-high pulls with the rope, dropped to the floor - weight x 10, more weight x 10
-band lateral raises (one arm at a time for first set then both arms together for the rest-pause set)
7 each side to warm up, 12 then rest then 8 more
-DB front raises - 25sx12 supersetted with just the band for 12, back to DB for 12
-DB rear flies - 25s for 10, 25s for 10
-TRX rear flies for 14, then 16ish to burn out.
Isolate shake and gatorade, drive home and hopped a shower.

-left tricep wasn’t cooperating for the DB presses, but didn’t give me really any problems with the DBs (less weight, sure, but it felt fine)
-my left shoulder has obviously been babied for 3 weeks so i tried to do it first for every set, then hit the same reps with the right one to keep balanced… hence some of the screwy rep counts.
-Once again, work capacity is ridiculously low. Sweating like never before, and I don’t like it. Wish I had a prowler to fix that problem quickly lol… I think my next workout I’ll just do a powerclean and pullup workout and get the lungs on fire… tomorrow if my legs aren’t too sore and saturday morning if not. Noone’s in the gym saturday morning and I love it

Peter Noone goes to your gym?

(I love doing that.)

? My name’s not Peter lol
Yeah on saturday mornings and sunday pretty much all day noone is in there worth mentioning. The guys that are usually stick to their shit, they are the focused and experienced ones for the most part, and they go there to stay away from the douchebaggery of the 5-oclock-weekday-goers

[quote]someguyyy wrote:
? My name’s not Peter lol
Yeah on saturday mornings and sunday pretty much all day NOONE is in there worth mentioning. The guys that are usually stick to their shit, they are the focused and experienced ones for the most part, and they go there to stay away from the douchebaggery of the 5-oclock-weekday-goers[/quote]

You did it again.

Ah, I get it. When I post from my phone sometimes it doesn’t fix little things like that.

Hey my bold tags didn’t work either. No big deal!

Did an upper back/rear delt workout today, wasn’t feeling 100 percent over the sick/bug I had but at the same time, my muscles were pretty damn sore from legs. Just felt tight all over… so no jumps or anything.

a little bit of rotations and hanging/swinging to loosen up
-Pull ups - 4, 6, 8, 6 (tried a few different grips, the wide grips really stretched my tricep out so I moved on
-One arm cable rows - 75 x 6, 6, 60 x 8(2 sec hold and 2 sec pause on last set)
-CG BB rows (grip just inside the knurling, some call them ‘Yates’ rows… pull them to above my belly button and hold for a second pause at top, focus on negative portion)
135 x 12, 155 x 8, 175 x 6, 8
-Isolateral Row machine ( arms seperately, high grip and elbows up for delt emphasis)
90 lbs each side - 6 each side, slow stretch set x 10, 110 pounds for 8 each side
-rear delt DB flyes - 25s x 10, 12
-face pulls on cable machine - some weight x 10, mo weight 12, same weight 12

did a little static stretching and will do foam rolling tomorrow morning… just got back from tubing swimming on the lake and had a good time.

SHOULD have taken today off, but I didn’t. Did a few box jumps, stretched a bit… the roommate wanted to do legs but his back was too sore, so he started doing chest. I hopped in and actually did ok (considering)

  • Flat BB bench - 135 x 10, 155 x 6, 175 x 5, 185 x 3, 185 x 3
    -incline neutral grip DB - 55s x 10, x 11, 50s x 12
    -low incline (30* ish) flyes - 30s x 12, 35s x 14 (neither set felt that great so I went over to cables)
    -cable flyes x 10, more weight x 12, dropped weight and did squeezing crossovers, 14… felt like i did something.

cut the workout short, did a few pushups and such but nothing really besides that. Just let myself do a light day, I think I needed it.

Absolutely killed it in the gym today. Went in sore, a little tired… so I took some preworkout stuff, got some gatorade and protein isolate beforehand, pounded another gatorade… walked in and went beast mode.

-jumped a few boxes, did some explosive pushups with one arm on a medicine ball…
-Bradford Press with the bar, then with 95 just to warm up. shoulders and tris felt awesome so…
-push press. did 135x3, 155x5, 175x2, x3, 185 x 3 (video attached, just to check my form and make sure i was pushing evenly with the bum wing)
-Behind the neck 95 x 6, 115 x 5
-Bent over Rows focusing on the squeeze, timing about 2110 – 135 x 15, 155 x 12, 175 x 12
THEN this new ‘personal trainer’ douche started having a client do a complex. Banded bench press straight to deadlifts. Sorry to be ‘that guy’ but the form was SHIT on both of them, so I pulled the bar to the floor and started deadlifting hoping the guy would see what he was ‘supposed’ to do. No such luck. I eventually intervened and just told him ‘ass down, eyes up, weight on heels, drag the bar up your legs’(even the trainer had the bar out past his freaking toes. WHAT the hell. anyway… rant over.
-Deads - 135 x 10, 225 x 6, 315 x 4, 405 x 1(ass popped up and it was a sloooooow rep, i was originally gonna hit three or so but I just let that one do it for me), 315 x 6. grinder on the last two of the 315.
-Powercleans 225 missed, 205 x 3, 205 x 2
-DB seated press - 50s x 8, superset this with rear delt flyes 15lb db for 8,
then 55s for 6, dropped to 50s for 4, then hit some flyes with the 20s. 12 or 14 or so, idk. They burned.

Went over and started stretching and foam rolling and a few box jumps. I can jump laterally onto a 46 inch box and i jumped a 49 inch box a few times too… but the point is I jumped for a little over a half hour. I wish I would have counted, I laddered my way up in height, back down, did some jumps one footed, did some with a 45 pound plate, did some sideways, etc.

Spent a little over 2 hours in the gym, all told. ridiculously long session, but I felt like a freaking beast. had a fat protein shake after, 2 and a half gatorades, and came home and ate all but one piece of a pizza. Today was awesome.
TOMORROW, on the other hand, ill probably not be able to walk. fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck

Went and did legs today with the roommate. Used my knee wraps for the first time, and they took some getting used to.

  • jumps, a few weighted calf raises
  • Squats - 135x8, 225x 5, 275 x 3 (put on the knee wraps and belt at 275), 295x2 (didn’t get the belt tight enough maybe? I dont know. felt weird and my hips shifted a little so I hung it up), 275 x 3
  • plate loaded hack squat machine - carriage plus 2 plates x 8, 2 plates x 10, 1 plate x 12 (very slow negatives and explosive up on the last set)
  • one legged leg press - carriage plus 2 plates on each side x 8, then a set of 6 each side then 4, no rest between.
  • Then I made a little ‘sled’ to drag around the gym, put 2 plates on it and pulled pretty easy. hooked a belt on me and used some chain to make it about 4-5 feet long… put on 3 plates and a 25 and pulled it a couple runs (maybe 30-40 feet or so) to finish off. I was pretty gassed after all this, did this workout in a little under an hour and it was pretty taxing… I need my work capacity back from the wreck, and I think the sled will do that for me if I keep using it enough.

the other day I worked out but didnt write down exactly what I did… jumped, did some push presses, incline, dumbbell incline, a few BB rows and then pulled the homemade sled. The people at the gym weren’t excited about me dragging it across their waxed floor, some guy left a few scrapes in it doing something and of course I get blamed for it… so ill have to do it when noone’s really there next time. Oh well.

And then today I did jumps and some foam rollin
Deads - 135 x 8, 225 x 5, 275 x 4, 335 x 2, 395 x 1, 1
Rack Pulls - Put three plates on the floor and pulled 315 x 4, then dropped down to 2 plates on the floor and pulled 315 x 4, 4, 335 x 3
Powercleans 135 x 5, 185 x 2, 205 x 2, 225 x 1, then missed it a second time. dropped to 205 and did 3 singles.
Front Squats 185 x 2, 3, 3
Jumps, then grabbed a kettlebell and jumped with a 40 pounder on a 36 inch box 6-8 times, then a 53 pounder and did it 6 times.
Stretched and went home, roommate was bitchin about a headache.

Went back tonight with the other roommate while she ran on the treadmill and did some stuff… I jumped some high boxes and did some barbell lunges with 135 (couple sets of 8, a set of 12) and then dragged the ‘sled’ around. The other people were pretty pissed as well that I seem to have ‘roughed up the floor’ which is BS, so I’ll probably have to buy a prowler before the end of the summer and just run it at my own place. Aghh I hate commercial gyms.

(In case you guys can’t tell, I’m really killing my lower body… I’m going tomorrow to do a pretty high volume upper back and rear delt day… gotta get some of that size back I used to have. Pretty excited)

Went with a friend of mine who was going to do a push day, so I pushed with him.

one arm on a medicine ball pushups - 5 each side slow, 6 each side, then did 6 each side explosive to get off the ground.
push press - 135 x 5, 155 x 5, 175 x 2(shoulder felt tight, so i did some rear delt flyes with a band to loosen up), 165 x 4
bench - 135 x 8, 165 x 6, 185 x 4, 195 x 2
incline DB press - 60s x 6, 70s x 5, 60s x 7
Bar curls 65x8, 75 and light resistance band (very slow reps and like a 2 sec negative) x 7, same x8
Close Grip bb row supersetted with Close Grip Bench Press - 155 x 10 on rows, 7 on bench… then rest. Then drop to 135 and did 12 for rows, 6 for presses (tris were COOKED after all this pressing)
Did some dumbbell cross body curls, then some bent over curls Arnold Style (12 or 14 reps or so)
felt awesome so I did a few more and got the heck out.

–about 1:15 in the gym, slowed me down to have another person there, and I just go slower at night… went from about 8:15 to 9:25 or 9:30 at night so I just wasnt as ‘pumped’ as usual. Still a good session though, getting stronger than last time (several days ago I hit 185 for a triple on bench, barely)