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Who Knows This Song?!


Its by Chimaira, and the chorus is "I hate everyone!!!"






[quote]Gmoore17 wrote:




thank you so much!! I just wanted the song name, and I hate google


[quote]brauny96 wrote:
and I hate google[/quote]

Might I ask why?


I know how you feel, sometimes I’d rather log into a bodybuilding website, post a thread and wait a few hours for a response. I’m morally opposed to finding information on my own. Did Jesus use google? Probably not.


^LMAOOO I think we may be soul mates, since our thinking patterns are so similar jimmyjames. crosses fingers that he posts in this thread again in a day or two and asks for my number


[quote]Anonymous Coward wrote:
brauny96 wrote:
and I hate google

Might I ask why?[/quote]

Because he lacks the ability to spell more than three words in a row correctly, making searching for anything incredibly difficult.