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Who Knew Protein Could Be So Exciting!


Last month I ran out of Metabolic Drive and didn't give myself enough time to order so I just went to GNC and got some Optimum Nutrition. I got a tub of both choc and vanilla. I have never been so excited to run out of protein in my life. I mean it's not horrible - but I just love Metabolic Drive compared to all others. I was like a kid on Christmas when my FedEx guy showed up today!!! I will never let it run out again!


Thank God I'm not the only one. I CAN'T make a shake without a scoop of MD Vanilla. If I run out, I take a half-shake with a scoop of Grow! (or, recently ON Natural Whey - that shit tastes like Xantham gum and pissed vanilla) and then just drink a 1/3 a gallon of whole milk.

MD, ZMA, Superfood, Surge and Flameout I make sure I have in stock at all times.


I buy the cheapest protein money can buy. It unfortunately taste like ass. I brought some MD once. I never thought protein powder could be half tasteful.


I'm used to my protein powder tasting bad, I just suck it up and drive on...


Biochem Ultimate Protein System doesn't taste too bad if ya'll run out again.


Weren't you level 5 not so long ago? How can you be level 0 now...Woah, everyone in this thread is level 0.


I can't stand all whey protein so I add so much water/milk to my shakes that they are very thin and chug them. I feel bloated but its the only way I can man up and get it down.

I find MD too thick for this method. Grow! is easier to get the required grams of protein and not have to drink a a liter of water with it.


Apparently protein tastes bad. This is news to me.

The only bad (edit, horrible) tasting protein I've ever had was GNC Strawberry. It was more like... Chalky-shit-berry.

But yes, when my protein comes in the mail, I'm a giddy school girl.


Boo! I should not be a Level 0! :frowning:


I have to say I'm not a fan of the MD strawberry either. The choc and vanilla are wonderful but I don't know what happened to the strawberry.


BSA SYNTHA-6 is pretty good but its really expensive. but it tastes better than some and it will mix together well if you work fast after you put the powder in your liquid. but if you dont it balls up and then you gotta drink floaters (ewwwww)


Ok, we get that your on commission


I use Vitamin Shoppe's protein all the time. When I ran out once, I ran to Wal-Mart and bought their jug. Not only do they skimp on the actual protein, but it tastes HORRIBLE. Like poop in my mouth HORRIBLE.

I have found "Natural" flavor protein to be nasty too.


Protein powder has come a long way, I remember back in the day there was Weider protein and it was HORRIBLE. You needed an industrial strength blender and even then it didn't blend well. Then you would feel the bloat and chalky after taste. I could never go back to anything like that after having MD.


I bought this stuff. Cause the local shop ran out of Biotest products. I am not sure if they are cons but half the container was missing when I opened it. I took these pics to send to the company and ask why half the container was gone after breaking the seal. I am never buying this product again. I feel ripped off


Here is another pic of the tub. As you can see if half missing. I was pissed off!!


If you do a 50/50 blend of ON whey and casein, it turns out pretty decent. Not quite MD, but not bad, plus a good mix of slow and quick release proteins.


It's like a fuckin' bag of chips with a lot of those companies.

Half full.

I buy from reliable sources in bulk and know exactly how much I'm getting.


While that does look pretty empty, you have to weigh it. If it says it is 5 pounds of protein, it should weigh 5 pounds. The protein may have just settled, although like I said, that does look pretty empty.


WTF!? That's nuts! I'd be pissed too!