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Dave Draper. Woo hoo. Sorry, just a groupie moment. Last week’s atomic dog caused a big discussion on the IOL (dave draper email list) mail list. Lot’s of people on there are older lifters and this caused people to remember the older lifters, their meetings with them, etc. Was cool to hear, me being a younger dude. Plus, I was introduced to dave draper’s site from an article here, so it was like full circle. Nice.

Good pics of Draper in this week’s Reader Mail: www.t-mag.com/articles/208rm.html

I got to ride in a shuttle from my hotel to a contest venue ALONG with Dave Draper. Wow. That’s all I can say about that. He was VERY approachable, VERY open and man, I had goosebumps. Kevin Levrone was at the same contest (guest poser) - and I got to share a elevator ride with him - yeah, big woop. BUT the Blonde Bomber. Whoa. Just like when I met and talked with (for 20-minutes, no less!)Tom Platz. AND after a contest, a bunch of us went for dinner and right THERE, was Robby Robinson. The Black Prince. Who insisted we all share the same table. Incredible. AND Marjo and Hannu Selin. The most gracious couple and Marjo is undoubtedly the most beautiful woman to ever grace this planet.

I'm smiling right now - thinking about these li'l events in my life. How fortunate was I to be able to hear, firsthand, training tips from these greats of Bodybuilding. As for the modern pros? Really, seriously? Who cares? Faceless. Nameless. I really can't tell one synthol infested deltoid from another. I really, really wish competitive bodybuilding would do something, something, to go back to the days when you were proud to be a competitor.

Now patricia, you got me doubly jealous. First you get to grow up on martial arts films in your mother’s theaters, now you get to meet Dave Draper. That’s cool, you’ve met a lot of notables. Nice. Yeah, his weekly letters are well written, fun, and good motivation. His site has a lot of recent and past pics.

Bronx: Just yesterday I recived “Brother Iron/Sister Steel”. I tried to see if Dave could make a poster out of his classic “Malibu” pic, but he only had the rights to sell it as an 8x10…oh well…

You know what? Draper really is cool…and he has some VERY sound workout and nutrition advice. (I wonder if that’s because it was sound in the first place OR is this a case where Draper did a much better job of keeping him self more up-to-date? Have you heard some of “King Arnuld’s” advice lately? as Nate would say…DAYUM!).

I would recommend Dave’s site, workouts and books to anyone. Great stuff…!

wasnt dave draper on a beverly hillbillies episode? he tried to get ellie lou

Dispite his problems, Dave Draper is a genlteman. I had the good luck to meet him when Weider was still based out of Union City N.J. I have also had the opportunity to meet Frank Zane, Anorld, train with Mike Katz and Larry Scott. I hope the “old days” will serve as a model as to what can be again. Over the years the amount of bull that the magazines have been putting out has got worse. T-mag is bring the weight lifting back to the people with the help of the internet. But it is the people who will have to carry the movement. Let’s a be a family again, and not a fringe movement.

I am not sure about his training advice being VERY sound. Look at his all time favorite workout; chest shoulders and back are all worked in one day, but arms get their own special day - looks like a baywatch workout to me.

yeah, he has kept abreast of the changes, as well as keeping what has worked for him over the years. I haven’t heard of any advice from arnold, but I wouldn’t be surprised at the less than stellar comments or tips. However, I do wonder about the workouts. Not that some of them aren’t good, but in spite of all the overtraining warnings, he and bill pearl still work out for two - three hours, four to five hours a day. And these men are 60-70 years old.

Hey…the “Blond Bomber” has been steadily pushing the Iron and the Lifestyle for more that 45 years. And you can be assured that like any human being, he will interject a lot of things that have worked for him over the years. However, a few things I’ve noticed about Draper:

1)He recently posted a letter that a fan sent to him that HE had sent to the fan in the 60’s on training and nutrition advice. I tell you…the advice would have been sound on this Forum even today.

2)While there may be some things that I may disagree with on Draper’s approach to certain things, I’ve had a LOT more problems with some of the things posted by a lot of the “modern” fitness Guru’s. I think that a lot of what’s pushed by a lot of these “Gurus” are good adjuncts to a basic workout and nutrition program, but I have problems with a lot of these diets and workouts being a good foundation for our overall programs. And I think that “The Bomber” is truly a “Guru Of The Basics”.

So…Draper would be the first to admit that “he ain’t perfect”. But if you want sound, basic advice…he’s in a league of only a few…



Dave Draper IS a guru. My only problem with him is that his workouts are more geared to a juicer than than the natural gymrat. Way too much volume for me.

Some Wisdom and Thoughts straight from “The Bomber’s” mouth:

“We’re all different inside and outside – body, mind and spirit, some are well invested in training and some are relatively new; my answers and points of view are based on my experience, observation and common sense… also guessing, coin tossing, old wives tales, the first thing that comes to my mind, hearsay, astrology, black magic, gossip and rumors. This in no manner places me ahead of you, but gives me the opportunity to identify where you are and suggest how you might move to overcome your wearisome obstacles.”

Wisely said!