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Who is Your Football Team


So who is your football team,I have two.I think everyone should be able to root for 1 nfc team and 1 afc team.

NFC, The seahawks.I have lived in the northwest within 20 minutes of downtown Seattle my whole life.Now I know rooting for the hawks kinda became the cool thing to do about 5 years ago but I have been a fan my whole life.I remember the game where Bo Jackson Ran over the Boz to get into the end zone.

I have had seasons tickets since the new stadium opened and have only missed acouple games.I was there when we clinched the nfc championship and that was fucking cool.I am a proud 12th man fan.

AFC, The patriots.My wife her two sister and my brother in law all lived in Rhode Island for years and my bro in law went to boston college.So to say the least there is alot of love for the Pats in my group and thats fine with me.Un like most I rooted for them in the 07 season to go undefeated while most where praying they would lose.I mean cmon its gonna be awhile before a team makes a run like that again and I wanted to be able to say "I remember that".

I use to really like the steelers because of the steel curtain and there history as really being one of the original football teams.But its obvious how that turned out and why I hate them now.

So who is your team and why.


Da Bears.

Because it's Da Bears.

Oh yeah I'm from Chicago too.

In the AFC... I like the Broncos. They gave us Cutler.


NFC- Gotta be the Bucs

AFC-The fuckin Steelers


mine is random as hell

I like the Buccaneers, never been to florida but a friend of the family plaed for them a few ears ago....won a superbowl too

I love defense too


Hometown team.


I knew I hated you for a reason, god I hate Ravens fans :wink:

Skins baby.




So when the Hawks were in the AFC, did you root for 2 AFC teams?

"We want the ball and we're going to score!"


Right back at you.

It's always fun to hear Skins fans talk about how great their team is, in August.

Oh wait, can't even do that.


I have to agree with Da Bears. My late husband was from Chicago and I got pretty attached to the Bears.

I used to like the Eagles, but with the whole Vick thing, not so much anymore. Donovan McNab was an undergrad at Syracuse when I was doing my grad school work, so I can say, "I went to school with Donovan McNab" and only be stretching the truth a bit.

I am not a fanatic follower of any team, but do enjoy watching a really good game.

My alma mater, University of Montana, fields a pretty good football team, the Grizzlies. My mom and sister have season tickets, but I have to work every other Saturday so it is not feasible for me to make more than an occasional game. Plus, our mascot is cool! Well, he used to be. Was the Mascot of the year several years running, then went on to be Benny the Bull in Chicago.



Chargers FTW...


Don't laugh - die hard Raiders fan, but because of what they've done in the past, not recent years. My all time favorite quarterback (Stabler) and second favorite coach (Madden) were Raiders.


Redskins and Chargers

Born in San Diego, transplanted to Northern Va. Worked out nicely since they aren't in the same division.


classic, To bad it didnt work out the way he had planned.


I have had the ravens Defense on my fantasy team 2 years in a row and they have done me well.Ray Lewis and Ed Reed are beasts.


Falcons, die hard fan since 1988.

AFC- I root for the Broncos because my wife is a fan, like one of those crazy paint your face fans. She actually buys the sunday ticket each year.


Pros - Broncos. I had the Elway poster on my wall when I was seven.

I prefer college football now, I'm an Oklahoma alum.


Patriots. Die hard.


Texas. Fuck pro football, College FTW.


The Gators are my college team. I have family and friends down there, and have been a fan my entire life. I may go to graduate school there.

And the Packers. I bleed cheese.