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Who is your Favorite writer on the T-mag staff?Why?

Who is your personal favorite writer on the T-mag staff?Why?

I really like reading TC’s stuff. Chris Shugart is a funny bastard as well, but TC takes the cake (maybe just because he gets to pen more articles) Ron Harris comes in third

It’s a toss up between Strasser and Luoma, those two crack me up. But they’re all good actually. When I read that one article, I think Patterson wrote it, advising that one hen-pecked guy to go into his wife’s living room and mark his territory by pissing on the couch and coffee table, I was rolling around on the ground in hysterical laughter for about 5 minutes straight. I think these guys missed their true calling - comedy.

I love kings stuff. His workouts kick ass and I see results pretty quickly.

 T.C. for sure.  I have never read anything before that had me laughing so hard that tears roll down my face. He has a knack for saying what every guy is thinking or has experienced and makes us laugh at ourselves.

For pure writing style, hands down TC. In terms of training info, its King.

TC easily. He makes you proud to be a male, get laid, be shallow, everything I am.

By far it has to be TC. He’s the only writer I see getting a book deal. Maybe his first book will be titled “The Ways of a Testosteronish Man”