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Who is Your Favorite Thrower? T/F


Shot Put: Barnes... Best right leg in the business
Glider: Timmerman

Discus: Lars Riedel

Hammer: Murofushi/Sergei Litvinov

Jav: Tom Pukstys


You don't need to drag em out of him either. If your around.... you'll here the stories regardless if you want to or not. He's something else.



lol at the toss at 2:57


Shot Put- Randy Barnes
Discus- Gerd Kanter

I don't know much about the other events and I don't know about any women.


hammer-olympic champion Primoz Kozmus - Slovenia


You don't need to drag anything out of him, you just sit back and listen to what comes out of his mouth. It's a lot like listening to Arnold's interviews in Pumping Iron, but Oldfield isn't creating a character the way Arnold was. He's just that off center. And most of it can't really be appreciated when it's retold. For instance, sitting in a car with him for 12 hours while he sings "Unforgettable" might not sound all that funny, but I think I laughed for almost the whole twelve hours.


Pukstys is a really great guy. He came and trained in Chapel Hill with us for a year before the 2000 trials. He trains really smart and has very textbook technique. And talk about a ridiculous arm. I think he was clocked at an open MLB tryout at something like 103 mph.


Love those Finnish jav throwers. My coach and his wife (Brian and Lynda Blutreich) developed a friendship with a group of Finns who came to train with us every spring. Mikaela Ingberg and her coach Tapio were the ring leaders. They were a fun training group and full of information.


Reese Hoffa. According to my coach im suppose to meet the guy next year.


It's a high school event, you guys dont have it?


Coach Blu is at OU now (University of Oklahoma). I spoke to him on the phone a while back, very nice guy. I read his bio and looks like he did wonders for you and your boys at UNC. Great coach.

As for throwers, I'm going with Al Oerter for discus (gotta respect the old school) and Adam Nelson for shotput. Enjoyed watching him in past Olympics.


thanks for the ricky bruch links, that was fun as hell to watch. something about dark, cold, rainy weather and locked indoors of some musty dungeon gym is just cool.

and all the throwers mentioned are definitely on my list too, but has anyone mentioned Udo? one of the strongest throwers for sure.


I may be a little biased, but I think Coach Blu is as good as you get for college coaches. He took the UNC program from being really mediocre to one that had national champions and all-Americans every year. He also produced 2 Olympians there, all while having a tiny budget. From what he's told me about OU, his budget makes that place a dream to train throwers at. I'd definitely give the OU program a serious look.


http://www.globalthrowing.com/ ,training footage from Kanter and other thowers, Kanter is BRUTALLY strong!


Don't think so, can you guys remeember his lifts, I always get confused, they are so out there it is hard to keep them in perspective.

Also speaking of strength for throwers I remember one of the western Euro shot putters coming back from the training hall in Athens and a collegue asked why he was so fast. He said he was training with 140kgs in the bench and the Russian Krylova (got 3rd think won in 92) started repping with the same weight on the bench next to him.....