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Who is Your Favorite Thrower? T/F


It could be past or present and from any country. Any of the following events:

Shot Put
Hammer Throw
35lb Weight Throw

My favs:

Randy Barnes*
Adam Nelson*
Reese Hoffa*
John Godina*
Christian Cantwell*

*all shotputters


Adam Nelson has won more medals than anyone can count


Nelson is up there, but it doesn't get much more badass than Ricky Bruch.

The mans got balls the size of a shot.


Hard to discount Al Oerter, but he was before my time.

When growing up I was fascinated by Sedykh and Litvinov, and although, Yuri holds the WR, I think they were equal, three OG golds (would have been 4 without 84 Boycott) three worlds when they were held 4 years apart, between them total domination of the event for 15 years.

Modern era, Kuzenkova, (womens Hammer) she tried and tried and eventually won the big two, after years of being very very close.

But my all time favourite thrower is the original one and only George Frenn. (and I even met the guy talk about dumb luck) Never saw him throw, but saw him squat 725 10 years after his 853 wr no suit wraps skinny belt, and he was so confident he used a skinny 180lb spotter (me).
George beat Dr Bondarchuck twice in 35lb weight in US vs USSR indoor meets.


those curls are sexy lots of benefits? i kinda wanna do them for kicks


Well I will try to break it down by event:
Jav: Thorkildsen
Discus: Alekna
Shot: Godina
Hammer: Sedykh


javelin: Pitkämäki
discus: Kanter!
shot: Hoffa
hammer: murofushi

edit: i'll have to mention one finnish legend from the past


Javelin: Jan Zelezny

He's in a league of his own.


Jan Z has the history but I love the stories about Raty.

In freezing winter, throw Jav, get back in car turn on heater, light up cigarette, wait till it finishes, throw jav and repeat..( if I have confused him with another Finnish Jav legend it is because Finland has so many of them)

Throw jav, jav breaks on ice, back to shed get another jav, and repeat....

Scandinavian throwers are so tough mentally..


I've broken a couple of javs in my day. Typically if you have to shovel the runway before you throw, something bad is bound to happen.


I wish the javalin was a highschool event.

I would so totally do it.


Since we’ve got some jav throwers here, you’ve gotta throw Roald Bradstock in the mix. I mean, who else color coordinates like that man. And have you ever seen him throw a fish?

But, of all the guys I trained with, hung out with or had beers with, it’s tough to top Oldfield. Spend 20 hours in a van with him and you’ll hear the funniest stories you can imagine.


After that comment you are duly obliged to share… at least one…

he presented at the NTCA a few years ago (saw video could not attend) and what struck me was he is still raging against the system.

And when I say the system, everyone from his high school football coach on up … amazing guy


That’s easy: Valerie Vili

Among the men, +1 to Murofushi.



werner gunthor: got to admire that awesome mullet.


[quote]hotdog.350 wrote:
werner gunthor: got to admire that awesome mullet.[/quote]



im deff goin to have to say Andy Bloom!


Litvinov. I don’t think your average meathead realizes what animals these guys are in the gym at the elite level.


[quote]donpalmero wrote:
That’s easy: Valerie Vili

Among the men, +1 to Murofushi.[/quote]

last October her Coach made a presentation at our Nat Coach Conf (Australia) and Val’s storey is pretty amazing. Lots of natural ablilty mixed with loads of personal stairs to climb (was defintely not an easy life)

best bench (early 2008 was 155kg strict ) 167.50kg bouncing on pad (common method for shorputters)

On Sat 28/2 she threw shot 20.09 and either had two or three throws over 20m, pretty good for this time of year, and she looked leaner (and meaner)