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Who is your Favorite Powerlifter?


i dont care if it is a multi lift guy or single lift guy. who do u guys like? mine would prob be lee moran. he was a sick guy, and a sick lifter.




Chad Aichs, the man is just a beast. The fact he does it all on almost zero sleep makes it even better.


...You narcissistic bastard.

As far as a "3 lift powerlifter", my favorite is Ed Coan.

My top 3 favorite squatters (in powerlifting) are Ed Coan, Kirk Karwoski, and Mark Henry. (If Paul Anderson's 1200+ pound raw squat is true, then he's my favorite!)

My favorite deadlifter is Ed Coan...

...My favorite bench presser is Rick Weil. He bench pressed 3.06 times his bodyweight raw (556 pounds at 181). Compare that with Mendelson's 715 at SHW.


Rickey Dale Crain
Nance Avigliano


Matt Kroc

followed by

Jeremy Frey
Andy Bolton
Ed Coan
Captain Kirk


Coan. Easily.


Bill Crosby





Cause I know what I had to do to get to a place where I just suck at the 3-lifts.


Ed Coan


yea ed coan is a beast also. he really put powerlifting on the map.......


Andy Bolton and Ed Coan


Lee Moran.

Saw him in "Power unlimited", guy had the first 1000 pound squat. R.I.P.


...Some people say its Fred Hatfield who did it first...

I was clarified when I watched power unlimited. Lee Moran did it in a local meet... Fred Hatfield has probably done it in a sanctioned meet with a well known PL fed.


x2 I don't know how he does it. any of us who have been thru college exams and been up all night, or have some form of sleep issue can only wonder how the hell he can function sleeping less than that all the time, nevertheless totaling in the 2700's


Chuck Vogelpohl


I don't get it..... some people say someone else did it first, but he didn't. So they're wrong. But they're also right cos he did it in front of more people? Ridiculous.

Moran did it at USPF nationals like.

Anyway, didn't Waddington do it before both of them?


Bill Kazmaier

Not just a great powerlifter, but an all around phenomenal strength athlete. He did it all: powerlifting, strongman, highland games, etc. A great lifter to watch and a great guy in person


Jeremy Frey is my idol currently. But really, all the guys mentioned are amazing lifters.