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Who is Wanderlei Silva Fighting Next?

In the fight against Sonnen he had an excellent entrance (especially with the Brazil flag) but the fight was disappointing in that I didn’t know Wanderlei had such bad takedown defence; Sonnen is a Greco Roman wrestler so how did Silva get taken down so easily? And he couldn’t submit Sonnen from the bottom even though he’s a BJJ black belt.However he DID hurt Sonnen TWICE. If those were Pride rules maybe he could’ve soccer kicked Chael after knocking him down.

So who should Wand fight next? He himself wants to rematch Sonnen. He also wants Ortiz and Belfort but I Ortiz is a wrestler and Belfort hits hard and going by Wand’s last performance those are bad match ups for him.

He should retire…the Sonnen match was to settle bad blood. the Ortiz match is only slightly interesting for old school fans.