Who is Vegetarian and How is Your Training?

Hi, i will not talk about any groups like vegan and so on i dont give a fuck of that.

I just would like to know if u still can get a correct level and body when u stop to eat meat.
How is your supplementation about this diet ?
I know some study says that with the time the bones are more weak because of this diet, if we fall down are bones a more fragile, breakable.

So i want to stop in September, and read a bit before, i will still eat some meet or fish if someone invite me for the dinner or something like that, so less than 1 kilo by month of meet.

Thank for your advices

I tried vegetarianism about 10 years ago, and probably for about a year. At that time, I was focused more on endurance training, and IMO it supports that type of training well. I used to take Sun Warrior rice protein powder and thought it was great (tried it since, and it’s really not). I was not as strong as I am now. I think for building muscle and focusing more on speed/power, it is not ideal. I think for long endurance it is fine. That said, you are not a professional athlete (I’m assuming) and so you are probably fine taking a hit in strength if you feel you are making a choice that aligns with your overall life’s plan.

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I was vegetarian and gained size and strength. I switched back because I enjoy the taste of meat.
I had zero drop off in performance. If anything my digestion was a lot better.

Eat a variety of protein sources and you will be TOTALLY fine

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Honestly there is nothing to fear

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Ok thank for your answer i will try to find some book and read some diet for get a idea, but for the supplementation ? Vitamin B12 and something else?

I don’t eat meat last 2 years(2 or 3 times a year I do when circumstances simply don’t allow otherwise), and frankly nothing really changes except I feel better overall.
But I do eat fish and seafood though.

And I really don’t think about it as some kind of big step in any direction or as big deal whatsoever.
Focus on the QUALITY of the food is way more important.
I don’t use supplements except sometimes magnesium and vitamin D in winter.

I can’t say I gained some muscle since stop eating meat, but this is also due to not highly effective and consistent training due to injuries and no access to the gym(even before pandemic).
But I certainly haven’t lost any (or much). And I am 43 years old, so age also matters.
So bottomline IMHO is shift your focus on the quality of the food you choose (meat or no meat)and you will be fine.


Yep you can 100% do it I was a vegy for many years out squatted a lot of people. Probably close to a decade most people had no Idea.

It was amazing how many conversations about how it was so bad for you with people I was stronger than who would then ask me for programming advice.

You just gotta eat real food it’s not that complicated people just need to sell you vitamins so they can make their mortgage.

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A friend of mine has been training this way for over three years, and everything is fine. And there are plenty of protein foods without meat, and now it’s not a problem at all. The main thing is to pay attention to the quality of food, and everything will be fine.

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But u still eat fish, often ? Thank for all of your view in this topic, i will do the transition in September.
And i will post here my diet for get some advices :wink:

I get some good recipes from a website called “hurry the food up”
Worth a look

Check out the “Plant Proof Podcast”.

Yes, I eat fish often.

Just relax and explore for yourself, nobody can tell you what is best for YOU, so take it easy and not as some kind of project. You have all the time in the world and eventualy you will find your own balance wherever it is on that diet/training scale.

And again, focus on the quality and freshness of the food.

Thank all of u

I never have enough time @hogar , aha life is so short