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Who is Using Twitter? And will this Site have a Twitter?


Just wondering cause I just posted to mine (my V-moda earbuds just died).


Twitter is such a bunch of shit. Who the fuck cares what someone is doing every minute of the day - it makes people feel self-important.



What the fuck is twitter,this is whats wrong with our country nowa days we have young computer savvy people creating shit with no creativity.

Fucking twitter,the asshole that thought of this couldnt think of a better name.I wouldnt do this on the basis that i never want to say the word twitter unless im stuck in the hole and need some aggression to get up.

.....fucking twitter


[quote]horsepuss wrote:
What the fuck is twitter,this is whats wrong with our country nowa days we have young computer savvy people creating shit with no creativity.

So what would Create Mr. bigthinker?

Or are you just looking for a name change?



They have one already.


I use twitter. It's an effective way to drive traffic to my website and interact with people of similar interests.

RSGZ is right, though, it makes people feel self important. It's the ultimate narcissism.

That said, it's a useful tool and it's fun. If guys like Dave Tate and Zach Even-Esh and a few other T-Nation authors are on there, I wouldn't say it's some "anti t-man" bullshit that people on here will say it is.

It's just social media. It's about interaction. This site--this forum--is built on the same idea. Only we're not limited to 140 characters.



(not sure if it's "official" or not. Maybe the mod's can shed some light?)


Actually, alot of people care. Facebook is generally the same shit. People love looking into other people's lives which is done from live updates/photos/quiz's etc. I honestly fail to see what is so 'addicting' to social media. Must be something that comes with mediocrity.


i dont use twitter because i have a pair of nuts dangling between my legs


The fact that people care is what makes it so sad.

Facebook has that side to it, yes, but it's good for keeping in touch with people in other countries, etc. I don't see what is so entertaining by going around reading peoples status messages with them sating pointless things. "ZOMG, I'm posting while having a shit, lolllllll".



A lot of what's in those status messages is weird pointless shit.

What's even more irritating Is @^&@))~~WheN TheY SuRRoUnd TheIR TexT WiTh ThoSe WeiRD LiTTle ChaRaCterS|__&^@& (<---fuck, I don't even know how to do it properly!) and mix caps & lower case to try and look cool. Ok ok, so it's just a form of expression...but sometimes it appears so brainless to me.


I suppose you could say that the name "Twitter" is self explanatory. It's for twits. lol.


mediocrity is the preferred flavour of the masses


Dave Tate has his own Twitter.


X2 (meaning i have 4 nuts) thats right ladies


You mean like bitching about what other people do to kill down time and talk to friends? Speaking of caring too much...


I would pay good money to be in the same room with you when you tell Dave Tate to his face that he has no balls because he uses Twitter...



No interest whatsoever.

I've also never been to facebook, myspace only by accident, don't have a blog, don't text message, don't IM (much) and just got my first yahoo account because I needed another commercial remote mail account for smtp testing with an outfit known for draconian blacklisting.

All this shit just rubs me the wrong way.


Here is the deal, Dave Tate uses twitter because he is a business man and has shit to say.People that are fucking nobody's dont need to be doing it because nobody fucking cares.