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Who is this bodybuilder?


any ideas? I'd like to find the full video.

His ant delt/pec tie-in is visible from behind..crazy.

Forearms make me think Mcgrath, but I don't think it's him.


My guess is roelly winklaar. Unbelievable pysique.


Roelly Winklaar. If you go into the description of the video it has all the bodybuilders listed in the video. I googled Elialicea's guess on RW and the pics are pretty similar to his back double bi.


Strong post count to join date


Who seriously gives a shit?


Would you guess this picture representation of bodybuilder?


Sense of humor. Get one.


Not to take anything away from Roelly's greatness, but much of that tie-in you see is because he's leaning back toward the camera a bit more than that pose usually calls for (while keeping his head forward).


I agree with ID.

Posing is a bitch, btw.


Roelly. Competing today at the NY Pro


I agree, but I think he does it on purpose so he can rotate his arms/shoulders more since they're clearly the best part.


It's either Roelly Winklaar, or Celtics. Hard to tell.




I remember that. lol