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Who is this Behemoth?


Anybody know his name?


I think that's Kai Greene?


If you go to Google images and click the camera icon, you can input the photo URL and it will show results of similar photos and their origins. They call it "Search by image."

The man you're looking for is Lionel Beyeke.


Greene was my only guess. But without his hair showing, I can't be sure.


Much obliged. Other pics on Google match this one as being Beyeke. (The gap in his teeth helped the I.D.) Anyway, this guy has great potential, but he needs to improve his lower legs.


well he is black so clearly he's kai greene


Hany Rambod on the left ?



Haha. QFT.


You can tell my his lack of discernible vascularity, common to black competitors.
(this is a joke in case some people don't get the reference)



^Ha, I get it, Stu. Oh, the shenanigans.


His physique looks quite a bit different compared to Kai Greene's...




Tremendous physique.
I was thinking Kai right away due to the sheer size.
But then I looked at the waist and realized this couldn't be Kai (though Kai's waistline has really gone down amazingly).


Lionel won the Flex Pro last year. He's about an average Pro. You don't hear much about him these days.


pretty shocking resemblance..



another pic of kai


Inb4 other threads now with black BBers get called kai greene.


^Really puts things into perspective huh? -lol



Wow Kai and Lionel have extremely similar facial features. Looks like they could be twins. Their bodies are pretty different looking, but still.


I lol'd