Who is the Stronger Man - Prime Bill Kazmaier or Prime Hafthor Bjornsson?

  1. Who would win an endurance competition like WSM?

  2. Who would win a weight-based competition like the Arnold?

Both have 3 months to prepare for either competition and they know what events are going to take place.


Always Kaz.


I think this is a fun question to play around with, but how you frame the question is essential. If you’re literally taking both guys actual strength levels at their career peaks, Thor would have beaten Kaz in basically everything, because of the specialization that has come into the sport, and the strength standards of today. ESPECIALLY if we’re talking about doing more or less standard events that you’d see today at WSM and the Arnold. BUT the more interesting thing to ask would be ‘what if Kaz competed with today’s athletes, including a prime Thor. How would he have done?’

I believe Kaz would have been an absolute monster in the sport had he been born decades later, just as he was in the 80’s. He would have been a 1000 lbs deadlifter, a 480 log presser, etc. He did what he needed to do when he was winning in the 80’s, and he would do the same today. His mental makeup is the best the sport has ever seen. I think Hafthor has the best physical gifts anyone has ever had in the sport, but Kaz’s mentality would be an edge, IMO.


Yeah, but which one would win in a wrestling match?

Because who doesn’t want to watch 650lbs of man meat test the earthquake prevention system on professional rings?

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Kaz. Always Kaz.


How many Playboy Bunnies did Hafthor squat? None, you say?


The weight distribution of playboy bunnies must be very offputting. Of all their curves, i imagine their resistance curve to be the most risqué of all


Its an unfair question…training, nutrition and supplements are totally different during each individuals prime

If Kaz was in his prime today, he may be bigger and stronger

If Thor was back in Kaz’s era, he could be smaller and weaker

its a fun question, but kind of unfair


I would never bet against Kaz.

I’d tell him I was, but the actual money would be all on him.

The guy is just too much of a competitor.


Kaz was so dominant, they had to uninvite him. Thor won WSM once. It’s a pretty clear win for Kaz here for me. Kaz vs. Pudz or Big Z makes for a more even contest in my mind.


So my thoughts:
Kaz 100% of the time. Thor must finished on the podium of WSM more times that anyone else. Kaz finished 3rd. Then came back to win 3 times in a row. There was no way Kas wasgoing to lose those 3 WSM. Ever.
By the time they invited him back - career twilight (especially in the 80’s). It was too late for him to make as much of an impact.

The thing Bill has in spades is what Thor lacks. That mental edge. Thor is a great athlete. But why did he keep finishing in 2nd place? Can you imagine Kamaier finishing 2nd that many times? I can’t. But I can imagine him dying trying to win. Legitimately dying. He was that focused.

Pud was good and all. But there were no other “greats” around when he was winning. So on the all time greats he is 5th in my estimations.

Kaz then just below that
Then Shaw / MvM


Kaz was more dominant in his prime. I think that says something, but the talent pool may have been smaller?

I think of crazy Kaz eyes before a big lift. He just looked evil.

I legit lol’d.