Who Is The Photographer?

Who is the guy squatting in this photo and who took the shot?

Anyone know who the photographer that took the shot is? I myself am a shitty photographer and I can appreciate a good photo, and I want to buy a print of this, but I don’t want a computer printout, I’d like to try and contact the photographer and buy a print perhaps.

i know its a long shot, but thanks in advance if anyone knows.

A photographer I’d suggest searching for is George Butler.

He had a lot of access to Arnold and took pics of him in just about every location. (He was also one of the co-writers/producers/directors of “Pumping Iron”)

Yeah Dave Draper squatting.

Is it just me or does Arnold look like he got the ghey in that photo?

Thanks for the info, I believe the photo is by Art Zeller, who sadly passed away not too long ago.


Its a great photo and I’m going to try and get a print off whoever handles his archives.