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Who is the Person with These Mind-Blowing Calves?

And no it ain’t no football player or matt ogus shit. I was annoyed on how much this picture is used and NO original. I can’t be the only one annoyed by it. That and bodybuliders hiding from revealing their over dramatic measurements that are never true maybe a few like Lee Priest. Idk why there is no original to this picture. Anyone know why? Anyone know the name of the persom with those mind blowing calves. Ain’t no Dorian I bet or Kai. I’m guessing Jason Huh…

Can’t see a picture yet ,so no idea.

Yeah, no pic posted,… but if you’re talking actual BBer calves,Dorian and Mike Mattarazzo always stand on in my mind.



Whoops sorry all here is the link:



That’s still not a pic of a guy’s calves. It’s a ton of calves. A veritable herd of calves:


When I clicked on it, it led me to a google link where the main picture was the calves posted on a t nation article, so I’m assuming he means these calves:


I, for one, am not annoyed by t nation using pictures of jacked calves in their articles on how to get jacked calves.





No no I’m not upset at t nation but in general finding pics like this without no origin to the picture. That’s why I wounder if it is just Photoshop made or something.

Herd of calves. Bravo on that one :facepunch:

Sorry again it is the very first one that is used for t nation and other sites when you reverse image the picture.

Currently leaning towards Mike Matarazzo. Tom Platz had some calves like that too, but the shoes look to be from a later period than the 80’s.

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Sorry but I never thought Tom had huge monstrous calves ever. Mike? Idk his calves insertions never inserted that low. 80s huh? Curious like heck to find. Just throwing it out there but you don’t think it’s Jason Huh’s calves right? Because he has very low insertions like this. Lee maybe? I don’t think Lee wears shoes like this?

Anyone vouch to who this brother is?

Jason Huh? Maybe, he has huge calves, I got rid of all my old MD’s. They had lots of features on Jason. Couldn’t see many close ups on his calves on the net, to get a good comparison.

Not Lee Priest, he has different looking veins.

The veins on Matarazzo’s calves look the most similar maybe 70-75% from photo’s that I have seen. Lighting and bf% make a big difference from photo to photo, so once again I’m far still from certain who it is.

Tom’s calves may not have been as quite as massive as someone like Matarazzo, but in his day he probably had the most developed calves on stage at the Olympia, or in the whole late 70’s, through all the 80’s. Who had more massive calves than Tom in Tom’s era?

Pretty hard to tell who someone is by their calves. People with good calves that spring to mind:
Ben Pakulski
Erik Fankhouser

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Well I’m guessing it is Jason Huh. Tom had the best calves that time I agree but I never thought they were huge quads yes absolutely.


Ben has a more “butt shaped” like calves. As they stick out like a chick injecting botox in her ass.

Erik? Maybe but I doubt, if it was Erik there would be an origin and hundreds of sites talking about his amazing Calves.

from the 70s, not the 80s

Riddle me this Tom. When did Platz retire? Find out that date, then give me a list of competitors that had comparable or better calf development in that period?

Could be Ben Pakulski imo

Ben never wears shoes like this. He weara those naked feet looking shoes when training calves. But maybe?