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Who Is The Most Genetically Gifted Powerlifter Ever?


Eric Lilliebridge is definitely high up there for genetically gifted powerlifting. And recently, Dylan Hellreigel. Dude has barely been powerlifting for two years and pulled and squatted 900 in the same meet. Bench is good too, so extremely well rounded…


I’d forgotten those two.


Remind me Ed’s bodyweight with these lifts?


I’m not knocking use of Peds but, for me, there’s a slight confusion in this thread between those who are gifted at lifting (their beginner numbers) and those who may be ‘gifted’ at receiving a benefit from Peds. The third aspect is those who respond well to training.

Am I splitting hairs?


Honestly, I still can’t wrap my head around how John Haack’s lanky ass lifts as much as he does.


You could add Konstantin Pozdeev and Andrey Belyaev to that list of great dealifters who are also all-around strong lifters.


Yes, because all of the ones listed here were insanely strong, built for the sport, and had a killer mentality before their use of PEDs. No one can just hop on gear and do what majority of the people mentioned here have done without top tier genetics.