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Who is the God of War?


Im bored I was wondering if there was a movie to made of GoW who would you pick as the actor? I would think it have to be some bodybuilder I mean Kratos isn't like MR. O level but certainly alot bigger then any actor in Hollywood.


Michael Jai White maybe?


No, it has to be someone WHITE!

What good is a big-budget movie if the main protagonist isn't WHITE?!

Look at Prince of Persia... WHITE!

The Avengers are going to suck because Nick Fury isn't WHITE!

Nah but for real, who cares. The movie would blow dick anyway.


professor x



I think the kid from the thread "The beast awakens" would play a great jacked god.


Michael Clarke Duncan

Dwayne Johnson (When he wasn't a Disney poof)


Ya ain't that the truth...We could clone Arnold and have him play Kratos I guess.


Nicholas Cage's father.


I think I read it rumor of it being Djimon Hounsou the guy from amistad


Peter Mensah aka Doctore in Spartacus: Blood and Sand. He's not white, but he's pretty ripped, has good acting chops, and he pretty much sounds like Kratos to a T.


Yup you're right... If you just google djimon and god of war, there are many articles about him possibly playing kratos...


Someone who has demonstrated the ability to act while still have the muscular physique required by the role.

It's all very well for the OP to say oh it has to be a bodybuilder, but I for one will write it off as trash if they can't act. Same goes for if they use a Hollywood actor without the physique.


give us us free

give us us free!!!!!!


He would actually be perfect. They have to paint him white and red anyways.


Seriously? I don't doubt his acting ability... I think he could do it very well as far as acting goes...

But the guy is way too thin/wiry and waaay too narrow? He totally doesn't have Kratos' physical presence.
I guess they could just give him a CGI body...
Kratos has a fairly wide torso, narrow waist and is wide across the shoulders... A little underpowered in the arms-department compared to the rest of him and I don't remember what his legs look like in GOW3.

Watch Spartacus a few times, the Doctore guy really doesn't fit, body-wise. Maybe the guy who plays Crixus... Still no real fit, but better imo... Shave his head, a little computer work to get the skin tone and a bit of added beef in the right places etc...

But tbh, why don't they just CGI him (or the whole movie) completely? They could use the GOW 3 engine for all I care, it looks pretty enough... And they already have plenty of experience with that.

Some added work and you could make a decent movie with that. Clipping issues or awkward turning animations and such would not be a problem/can be fixed if the whole thing is scripted as opposed to played by a player. Could animate his musculature too where necessary (tris when he straightens his arm etc, not that regular people notice crap like that).

Makes implementing the whole ultraviolence/gore thing easier, too. It'll look a lot less awkward if EVERYTHING is CGI.

That way we get the "real" Kratos?


No kratos imo.

Need a wide guy, bone-structure -wise... Well, just someone with more of a physical presence. Wiry black guy does not equal Kratos.


If he cuts down some... Bit trap-heavy and not enough taper (that should improve if he were to lose some fat/water), but otherwise imo a much better fit, physically.

Comparison face-wise: http://images.techtree.com/ttimages/story/80363_kratos.jpg

Once he cuts down a bit and his face becomes a little leaner... Pretty good match, no?


And a wrestler needs to be able to act, part of his profession, right? :smiley:

Ok, I have no idea whether Goldberg could pull Kratos off, acting-wise... But a permanent scowl can't be that hard for him... And the only time Kratos looks anything other than angry is for a short time during Athena's death (and a few other, similar scenes... Making up approximately 0.05% of the total screen time Kratos gets).

As a wrestler, he'd be somewhat familiar with doing "stunt" work?


I think Kane would be a better fit


I would rather they make this film either completely animated, or heavily CG'ed (ideally a mixture of Beowulf and Avatar). I just can't picture Bill Goldberg (noted thespian that he is) running around in a loin cloth with a red streak painted on his chest, hacking evil monsters to bits. It just won't work. God of War is a very 3 dimensional game, and I think only a CG movie with a CG character will be able to replicate that.