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Who Is the Baddest Fighter?


Who is the baddest fighter out there. I mean the one guy that would steam roll anyone else. Or the one guy who just down right scares the shit out of you.

I have to go with Andrei Arlovski


Bruce Lee


I second that. Andrei Arlovski is so precise and calculated with his hits and kicks. Damn near lands everything. Matt Hughes is a tough SOB. The guy weighs under 190 and is absolutely solid. I like some of the old warriors like Don "the predator" Frye or Dan Sevren(Severn,Sveren...how ever the hell you spell it).


I know its the obvious answer, but I'd go with Chuck Liddell. Anyone with a shaved mohawk and TATTOOS ON HIS SKULL is pretty bad in my books! Other than that, I'd have to go with old school guys like Tank Abbott, Dan Severn, Bob Sapp and the hometown jaw shatterer, Gary "Big Baddy" Goodridge.

With the lighter guys, I like Matt Hughes. Joe "Diesel" Riggs isn't really that tough, but the guy used to be 300 lbs and is now fighting at 175! Georges St. Peirre is an up and coming guy with great skill and an awesome country backing him.


Wanderlei Silva is bad shit too.


I lkie Chuck too but I think he reallys on his strikeing too much. If he beats Jeremy Horn and then has to fight Tito again, I think it will be bad. Tito tried to go toe to toe with Chuck and don't think he'll make that mistake again. Tito will work him like he did Vitor.


Matt Hughes is awesome. I think Rich Franklin will dominate the middle weights like hughes is doing in the welter weight class.


Here's my guy... he's not in UFC, however your boy ain't gonna steam-roll him. And in fact, he may get his ass busted..imo

I'm into Krav, so I'm biased.



Silva is a fucking BEAST.

GSP (George St. Pierre) will dominate soon he'll steam roll his division just watch.


I'm impressed. It would be cool to see this guy faced up with some of elite level MMA guys.


I love that Canadian bastard, but I think Matt Hughes will own the welterweights for as long as he wants.



I also think Antonio Nogueira can bring. That guy can roll with anyone in the world. His ground game is so sick. He's always working. And he can knock you the fuck out.


I don't think you fully comprehend what these MMA guys are about. I'm not saying this guy ain't bad shit, because there is always that crazy bastard out there. I'm also not saying he couldn't kick the shit out of 99% percent of the people he runs into. However, I gaurantee you he wouldn't "kill" one of these fighters with one blow.


It would be awesome to see him in the UFC!

When I learned about Amir,a couple of years ago,I wondered why he did not continue fighting. It's because the training methods he uses, and the demand for him to facilitate training. Have to admit, that's a pretty good gig when compared to getting smacked around in the UFC. And for less money at that.

I HIGHLY reccommend ordering the training DVD from the site link I posted. You will really be impressed then!



That's why he's my guy and also why I LOVE and practice Krav.


Too true. There are a shit load of badasses out there that don't fight anymore. Pat Militch runs one of the premiere MMA camps in the country.

Then they're are the Gracie's. I only think 3 or 4 still fight. But they have schools all over the world.

There is also Brazilian Top Team. They have some of the most elite fighters in the world but you only hear about o a few of them.

You got to find your callimg. And for some guys it's training other guys.


Silva and Fedor, the champions in Pride. There's a reason UFC guys go over to Japan and get beat. There's no cage in Pride, so the shortcut of pinning someone up against the cage a hitting elbows isn't possible. It's a more pure form of fighting.


This is true. Its also why Vitor struggles in the UFC. He fights better in the ring format. Now that UFC contract is up I think he's headin back to the pride.