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Who is that Guy???


In the Tabata workout, who is the guy you use? The guy doing the workout or demonstrating the exercises. This ain't some gay loving here, but his physique has improved since his early pics years back.


Link please...


I don't know who to do a link, but the Tabata workout has only just come out in the articles. How about looking there?


I think it might be T-Tat

Look for "4-AD-EC Pics" in the Physique and Performance Photos.


yep, that IS t-tat.


This is one of my training partners. Many of the pics we use of him in the articles are older. These are fairly new. He's recently hit the 4-AD-EC hard and is finally consuming adequate protein, so he's put on a lot recently and is creeping toward 190 pounds.

He's always had that "Brad Pitt in Fight Club" physique so he'll look huge at 190 given his year-round low bodyfat.

He held the high school state record in the squat for several years (in his weight class) when he was a teen, and he weighed at least 25 pounds less then. He's a gifted athlete, just needed to dial in the diet to pack on the pounds.

He posts here sometimes so maybe he can give some more info, but last I heard he was improving his diet by taking in a couple of big Classic Grow! shakes a day. This was a case where he trained hard, had the work ethic and the genetics, but just needed more protein to make it happen.


Yeah, I had the exact same question when I read the Tabata articles. Judging from past pictures, he does look like he's made some impressive gains, as Shugs just pointed out. Ive even seen him in Renegade Training articles a coupla years back.


Thanks for the remarks guys.. Like Chris said, I have always had the good work ethics, just lacked a little on the diet side.

I finish my first 4-AD-EC cycle this week and hope to gain another 10-15lbs on my next one. As long as I eat enough, it shouldn't be a problem. 4-AD-EC is an awesome supplement, as is MAG-10, but I have about decided I like the 4-AD better. I like that I can use it longer.