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Who is That Fat Piece of Crap in the Mirror?


I've been getting the once weekly T-Nation newsletter and always found it interesting. About two months ago, one article really caught my eye, Shieko Shakes up Powerlifting.

Before I get to that, a little bit about myself. I'll be 40 in a month, I live in st louis with a beautifull sexy wife and two great girls. I thank god for what I have. I've been married for 6 years and in that time, I have been putting on weight on a very consistent basis.

When I met my wife, I was 32 and what I would call a gym rat. I would play basketball for an hour or two evry day and lift at least 3 days a week. It was part of my life and it defined me. I was the guy who was in good shape and felt good about himself and I liked being "that guy". I hope that made sense.

As everything else has been going good for me, my physical condition has been going downhill. I knew it to and my self-image was drooping like my man-boobs. I think I hit rock bottom at christmas time while running across the street with my daughter.

For some reason I felt every ounce of my body jiggling. I was absolutely disgusted. Right at that time I read this article and thought this would be a good start. So for the last 2 months I have followed the routine in that article and read a lot about this Shieko system.

I'm not going to argue the merits of this but for me, it was eye opening. I had a plan, I stuck to it and instead of just walking aimlessly around the gym with no plan, now I had a goal. I have followed the routine almost faithfully. Next week I do the test that it calls for. The point to this log is that my diet was stil crap.

Last week my wife and her friends were going through some pictures and made a point of showing me a picture of myself right at the time we met. It was at the lake of the ozarks and I was in my swim suit. They had a little bit of wine and so they laughed at the "changes" I had made. They weren't trying to be mean, but the point of it, hit home.

What I saw in that picture was a guy who liked who he was, who was confident. That's not who I was anymore, I was not that guy. So I am starting this workout log to hold myself accountable. It's my, finding myself log. This is also the last self-pitying remark you'll hear. I and I alone got myself into this place and I and I alone can get it back. So here's my plan.

  1. The shieko routine. I am planning on doing it again, I like the high volume, low rep. I like the plan, so that I have a purpose. It also has easily defined goals. My goal-I want to squat and deadlift 500 pounds and bench 400.

I'm a long way, away from this. Right now my deadlift is at 235, my squat around 275 and bench at 300. I know, my numbers are all out of whack, I have never trained legs before, so I'm trying to get them caught up. I'm adding my own alterations, based on what I want to do.

My brother has challenged me to the 300 contest. The routine based on the movie 300 and the test that they did. So on my non-dead days, I'm going to do 5-6 sets of 135 pounds with the goal of increasing my reps. On the 300 challenge you have to do this 50 times and I'm a long ways away. Also I plan on doing 3 sets of pullups between each exercise. At the end of my workout I should be up to 12-15 total sets.

  1. My non-lifting days are mon-wen-fri. I joined a boxing gym here and did my first workout. I loved it. It was as hard as anything I have ever done. It was a combined kickboxing/boxing workout. I'm going to do this for 3 months, with the goal then of moving to the advanced class where the workouts get much harder.

It fits me because it's fast paced, it's and adrenaline rush and if there is a hell, and I have to go. My hell would have treadmills and stairmasters in it.

  1. Last but most important, my diet. More protein, cut out all breads, etc....and more fruit and vegtables. At 40, I know that the diet is the most important thing. Even over the last 2 months, I've seen real progress on the sheiko routine, but my diet has been shit.

I've tricked myself into thinking I'm "bulking" up. That's easier to believe then I have no self control and I like pizza.

Like others who have posted, I'm interested in feedback. I'm interested to know of this shieko/300 workout is something that can be done together and combined with the boxing workout.


I would recommend giving this article a read: http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance_nutrition/gflux_building_the_ultimate_body. You might find you have to work your way into that much training, time will tell.

You will likely need to eat a pretty good amount of food (90%+ healthy) to keep on going, but your metabolism will likely sore and you'll lose a good amount of fat. In any case best of luck!


I have been there... and completely understand where you are coming from.

Welcome to the ole' farts club, and good luck. Lotsa people to help you in here, great guys and a whole lot of experience/ knowledge.

I look forward to watching your progress!


I've never heard of sheiko being done with anything else except some middlin' GPP if it's seriously undertaken. All I can say is try it and abandon what doesn't work. You'll know pretty quick if it's too much work.


Not an expert on any of the systems but I really don't think any are bad as long as it gets you up and working out again. Might be a problem trying to do it all at once but if it works for you go for it. Be interesting to watch.


From my own experience, I would reccomend that you don't bite off too much at first, especially if you're detrained.

I would keep the boxing, and pick either 300 or Sheiko and cycle between them. I'm afraid if you try both, your recovery will suck, and you'll have to quit for awhile.
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Thanks for the feedback, I found myself going over others logs and found it inspiring. I feel like I need to put in some time before I am in any position to comment.

Today, 3-3-09. Last night I took my family to jack and the box. The reason, I said it's my last fast food for 6 month, tomorrow basic training starts. I've made these proclamations before, but I really feel like I meant it. I had my boxing/kickboxing class. Again, I almost got sick, but I pushed it as hard as I could. I spoke with my trainer afterwards about my goals and she loved. She said she bases her class on the "tabata" (not sure if I spelled that right) principle. 20-30 seconds all out effort, 10-20 seconds rest. But keep moving. I told her (yes it's a woman and if I was single, 50 pound lighter, then maybe) but anyway, she said her class was meant as an introduction, she highly recomended me working with her 3 times a week before I take the advanced level boxing/fighting classes. I told her about my lifting and recomended some changes. Her recomendations.

Still lifting 3 times a week and to alternate workouts as such

workout a)
all three do a 5x5. For example, take 275 pounds on the bench, If I can do this weight 5x5, then next workout do 280.
Finish workout with alternating pullup to dip for 15 minutes.

Workout b-she called it the big 21 program. She readily admitted that she stole it from Dan John after her husband started doing and after some research found it very good.
Its the following
Clean and jerk
Power clean

do a 5-5-5-1-1-1-1-1-1 for each, increasing by 5 pounds each workout.

The idea was that I would increase strength and power with both. In the class we also do a lot of pushups and it would be better to not bench 3 times a week like I have been doing.

Anyway, I know this is a lot, I'll keep it shorter from now on. I appreciate the feedback, good and bad. I'm a big boy and I like honest criticism.


Having recently turned 40 myself, I completely understand the self-analysis results. I was totally discussed with the results of the last few years of lifting I am in the middle of the V-Diet/program, and am working on setting up my post V 3.0 programs. I too fooled myself into beleiving Pizza and hotwings were "bulking". They're more like Bulging! I am planning my programs,like you, and not just aimlessly lifting. I hope you also succeed acheiving your goal.


I train in St Louis a few times a month(when in Missouri) at Eagle Gym in Overland. It's old school. Where do you train? I'll be there some time this week. You can train there for $5, Rick is the owner. This would be the best place to attain the goals you mentioned. You will be asked to leave if you don't follow gym ettiquete or thrown out. I'll be 54 in August, overweight, and very happy what happens in the gym(except when short phat guys pull more than me). Good luck, train hard.


I'm bald and fat so I grew a goatee,shaved my head and switched to powerlifting. Good luck with the diet/training.


Pizza I can do without, but hotwings?
Thats some serious powerlifting fuel my friend.

Welcome to the old dudes forum stlcardsfan.


Thursday, april 2. On tuesday, I did my "21" workout. which as is a follows

Power Clean
5-5-5-1-1-1-1-1-1, starting with 95 pounds working up to 135.

Clean and jerk, same rep sequence, started with 90 pounds and worked up to 130.

started with and 80 and worked up to 125. Couldn't quite finish the sequence. This is such a hard exercise and your technique has to be perfect.

All these weight levels are weak and pathetic and I was embarrased to be using the rack and putting 10's on each side like I was going to do curls. By the way, is there anything worse then waiting on somebody to get done with the power rack so they can do bicep curls? But I wanted a level that I Knew I could do, something to build on.

I saw a reference to a gym in overland and to be honest that is a little to far, I live and work in St Peters. Right now I go to the st peters rec plex, which as the name implies, is not what you would call a hard core gym. It's a family gym. All the machines, but one Power rack. Right now I go in the mornings, and I don't have to worry about it being occupied. When my hours change, I'm not going to fight that crowd and I'm not going to fight that 25 year old metrosexual spending 30 minutes using the one powerrack to do his "arm" routine. But I did a search for gyms and there was a result of a link on this site referencing eagle gym and Powerbody USA fitness center, which is real close to my home and work. It sound like the hard core place I'm looking for.

Worked on my boxing yesterday. Hard, real hard. lots of lunges, body squats, jumping. They do a real good job of making every workout different.


Great workout. When I do power snatches and cleans in the same workout I always do snatches first. If I do cleans first I don't have enough in the tank afterwards. And those weights aren't bad!

I wasn't able to do power cleans for a while due to tendonitis. I just started doing them again a couple of months ago, and am slowly improving from where I was (though still not great). Just did 145 yesterday, and 155 is right around the corner. Snatches are still weak, though.

Again, great job.


looks like things are coming along nicely... and when I find one of "those guys" curling in the squat or power rack, I just tell them someone is selling 1/2 price hair gel in the parking lot and they usually run outside to check...


I laugh at those guys, but I use to be one. I played a lot of basketball in those days and I thought that working legs would make tight and slow. If I had looked into it just a little bit I would have realized how cleans, squats, etc...would help my game. Last thursday, did my test. After 13 weeks of this shieko routine. I was able to get these lifts up. 300 bench, 275 squat and 225 deadlift. Yes, I know these numbers are screwed up, but my squat and dead really increased. Last week was a bitch. It was the first week of doing 3 of the boxing workouts and three lifting.

Each morning I walked like a 80 year old man, until I could get my legs to loosen up. I truly under-estimated how hard that type of training was. I used to think if I could do 45 minutes on the stairmaster, I was in good shape. Two weeks of this really shows how almost useless that tyep of cardio training is. There is a place for the ellipticals, etc... but it's very limiting.

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