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Who is Stronger?


200lb male, chinups with 45lb plate for 3 reps


145lb male, chinups with 45lb plate for 3 reps


how do you define strength? if it’s purely weight lifted i’d say the 200 pounder, if strength to weight ratio the lighter dude.


Stronger as in lifting more absolute weight… 200 pound male.
Stronger relative to bodyweight… naw I’d just say the 200 pound male is stronger.


A chimpanzee after some green tea and a little xanax.


I assume that you are asking the question because you are the 200lb guy and your 145lb mate reckons he’s as strong as you.

Please, please don’t tell us that you are the 145lb guy.


who gives a shit


If you are the kind of person who would say that an ant is stronger than a Tyrannosaurus Rex, then, it would follow that in your example the 145 lb guy is stronger.


who wants to be a 145lb guy doing chinups with a plate?

not me.

i mean seriously. i’d rather be a 250lb guy doing bodyweight chins than a 145lb guy doing 10 reps with a plate


equally strong


i am


The 200lb guy also has to pull his bw which is 55lb’s more…


200lb guy is more impressive.
Too many already that cant even pull there own weight.


Stupid question. Never compare yourself to someone else. It’s you vs. the weight and that’s it.




The 180lb guy doing chinups with 100lbs… oh wait that’s me :stuck_out_tongue:

On a serious note, I’d say the 200lb guy is stronger because when it comes to something like both of the two exerting opposite forces on one object the 145lb guy is going to get trounced.


[quote]Blumpkinator wrote:
The 200lb guy also has to pull his bw which is 55lb’s more… [/quote]

Making him stronger. It’s not about bodyweight/ strength, it’s about who lifts the most. That’s why you have weight classes, because the bigger the guy, the stronger he is.


How about a 260 pound guy that uses 80 pounds for 3 reps :). The 200 pound guy in your case.


Not this fucking thread again.