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Who Is "Right"?

A recent post made me think about something.

We get into a LOT of discussion on this board about nutrition, workouts, supplements, etc. And believe me…that’s all good…!

Inevitably, however, will will get into “what’s the best?” or “who’s right” or “that (supplement, bodyfat monitor, workout…you fill in the blank) didn’t do NOTHIN’ for me man! It’s crap”!

My point to throw out to you guys is this: 1)Ultimately, ANY program, supplement, workout or diet needs to be GOAL SPECIFIC. (pretty straightforward, I would think and 2) THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT: Ultimately, all of us will HAVE to put a diet, supplement or regimen to the ultimate test, which is within our own bodies…and in doing so…something may “work” or “not work” for us…but may have quite the opposite effect for another person.

Keep it real guys…and remember that there ARE many ways to skin that 'ole proverbial feline!

Peace. Mufasa

Very true, Mufasa. And it would be so boring, if we all had the same genetics, personal preferences, and experiences, right? That is what boils down to, too.

But that's one of the reason this forum is so fascinating as well as a learning experience. We learn so much from each other - but we also see, first hand, what it is to be a individual. That's pretty cool.

I agree. What works for me might not work for the next person. I am still learning what works best on my body and have been doing this for 4 years.


I have to agree. I’ve been pondering the same things lately as I’ve started a new job, in a new gym, with new trainers doing things that others routinely trash.

The bottom line seems to be that in this “iron game” there is no such thing as ‘Gospel’. There are no absolutes. Anyone who tries to say otherwise is either grossly misinformed or too wrapped up in their own egos to let a method outside their own be seen as effective.

I think that a lot of the opinions expressed on t-mag are intelligent, well informed ones, but I get leery (sp?) any time someone tries to make a statement that implies ‘this way is the only way’. I get more sceptical when someone is unable to back their claims with solid practical or imperical evidence.

I don’t care who you are, if you can’t back your opinion up, I don’t care to hear it. That said, Ian King, Charles Poliquin, etc are virtual encyclopedias of knowledge and I can allow for an exception in their cases. Agian, there are no absolutes.

Lastly, everyone has something to offer, it’s the listener’s responsibility to find it.

Your are right, Mufasa. We are all do it to your self projects. In my 40 plus years of lifting I have had the opportunity to workout with some of the great of the 60’s and 70’s. An example is that Larry Scott’s tricep routine worked great for me, but his bicep program did very little and I was getting supervision from the master. You must try many things and find out if they work for you and how well. Stay Alert and Stay Alive.

Best advice I’ve read in a long time. Just remember everything is situation dependent.

Totally agree here. This forum has opened my eyes in many ways and I have had to toy around with diet and still do. Bottom line, my diet and training principles are always dynamic, never static. Supplementation as well. I think we need to keep in mind, that supplementation is a money market business, and the majority are worth shit. Esp. with company takeovers and the fact that most people are just absolutely gullible and know nothing.
I really am mentally struggling now with spending too much time in the gym, and I am terrible at achieving good periodization. I am in the final stages of cutting, and this adds to it. What we discuss here has helped me tremendously.

Patsy–why are you down on Met-Rx products?..just curious?

the way I usually see things is look at the people on either side of the argument(i.e HIT vs multiple set), what ever are the similiarites in their arguments are probably the closest thing to a truth. Debating is the best way to learn, rather than just learning parrot fasion.

Just cuz I tried the Met-Rx shake back in '95. Then it was being touted as not just a supplement, but a full-fledged “food”. So, I tried it, spent alot of $$ in the process and lost muscle. I was also eating other foods - but had substituted the Met-Rx for certain meals.

I know that over the last several years, Met-Rx has changed and maybe their products have improved. However I am still wary of companies that spend ALOT of $$ on marketing - rather than spend that $$ on producing quality products.

BUT, this is all, I repeat, ALL just my opinion. ;-)

Very true Mufasa. I started out at 18yrs old with training routines I read in muscle and fitness. As I got older and learned more I began to back off on the high volume workouts. I then turned to a full Mike Menzter syle HIT program. I’ve also tried many of the programs I’ve read in T-mag from the likes of Poliqin, Ian King and Dave Tate. Recently I finished a cycle of Brian Haycock’s, HST workout. What did all of these programs have in common? I achieved results with all of them. Some worked better than others, but I learned something from each program. I think each individual has to find out what works best for there own bodytype and personality. This goes for nutrition as well as training. Yes there are a few rules that seem to be neccessary for success. (ie.getting enough protein) But if you work hard at any program, eat enough and get enough recovery, you will get results.

Vain, I always thought MetRx had the best protein powders and used “tons” of their MetRx Protein Plus but quit buying it a while back when I noticed they changed the formula from milk protein isolates to milk protein concentrates and could tell it wasn’t the same high quality. So it was interesting reading the “Protein Insider” in this weeks T-Mag and how they discussed that MetRx was one of the supp companies who has quit using the high quality ingrediants that they had a reputation for and went to cheaper proteins to compete in the market place and still make money. Read the “Protein Insider” from this week. I went to buying milk protein isolate from protein factory.

Hey, Mufasa’s post didn’t do NOTHIN’ for me man! It’s crap!

Nah, just having a little fun. You’re right on, as usual.

Do you think its because of Met-Rx’s sale to Rexall Sundown that they are screwing the ingredients.?..It’s pissing me off. The bars (Protein Plus) were really quality before the takeover by RS and now they are of much less quality. They also discontinued good flavors of their protein shakes (Apple Pie, White Chocolate Mocha)…I usually use their APM 60 for my shakes and I have not noticed any change on them. Also, their keto pro rocked (for keto) but now they don’t even have that anymore. I am going to buy from the protein factory the powdered MCT and get some HMB from DPS and create my own keto-pro (need to buy some natural and artifical flavors–eg…, apple pie a la mode–know any good places to do that?)----Later Vain

Yes, I’m sure the take over by Rexall obviously changed the management of MetRx from quality number 1 to profit number 1. It’s sad, but now they’re just another for profit mediocre supp co. Check out supplementdirect for HMB - 500 caps x 500mg for $70.

Well said Buddy! I’ve got nothing to add.

I don’t think every workout has to be goal specific. GPP stands for GENERAL physical preparation, which isn’t goal specific, it’s only about general fitness & increasing work capacity. Everyone has to figure out what works best for them though, whether it’s HIT-style, heavy singles, high sets/low reps, /high reps/low sets, etc.