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Who is really lean right now?

Who is in really crisp condition this summer? I WAS pretty darn lean just two weeks ago but went on a binging week and now my bellybutton abs have gotten a bit blurry =P Well well, time to diet again!

I was down to about 9% bf at 170, but couldn’t seem to get any lower than that. The older I’ve gotten, the harder it is to shed those last vestiges of weekend indulgence.

I was real low…but my diet went to shit for 3 weeks…started college…but im makin a come back

I peaked at 5.3% bodyfat by calipers and 7.5% bodyfat by bio-electrical impedance at 211 lbs. on July 18 for my weekend trip to Miami. As of today, July 23, I’m still having a hard time getting back on my “normal” diet after being off while in South Beach. I’m probably going to chalk this week up as a recovery period and get back on a more strict eating plan on July 29. God pizza taste good!

Ok this might sound wild, and it might seem like a long story but I think in the end there are some very interesting results…and may be someone out there has some answers. This is what I had to eat today… I woke up at 7:30 in the morning and had a cup and a half of surge and then I went did some deadlifts and also hit the bis… total time at the gym about an hour. I got back at 8:50 and had a hamburger 7oz with bread (that just doesn’t happen now). I then followed that up for lunch with 6 egg whites, an egg, and a bowl of oatmeal with 1% milk. So anyway 2 O’clock rolls around and I have blood drawn at the doctor’s office and I get a haircut at 4 to prep for vacation… welp I get home and I have two ‘zone’ bars, which have soy in them… I then order in veal parmigian and a small salad and sauteed brocolli. I decide that wasn’t enough an order from chinese food and have a vegetable roll and moo goo gai pain. I finished everything… and then I went to sleep at around 10:30 and now I’m waking up… well I was awoken by a roommate scavenging the kitchen. I looked in the mirror and expected bloatedness combined with a blurred layer of softness, when I’m more ripped than I was before! What the hell is going on here? Could the hamburger in the morning have shifted me hormonally? I mean my god, I had 2 dinners that are each more starchy and full of crap than I normally eat AND I had a burger with bread in the morning… I had essentially 5 full meals plus surge prior to work out, 2 of which I would never consider… what in the hell is going on here? Did getting blood drawn affect my metabolism? I mean… I had crappy fried foods in there! What in the hell has happened here? I was more bloated from the sashimi I had last night! I normally have the lunch I said for breakfast, never eat bread and I mean NEVER, permament passover for me, and would eat like straight up chicken cooked in some light olive oil, with ketchup and steam brocolli. I’d also have a supplement of low carb myoplex. There are a lot of variables, I know… could the burger have shot my hormones through the roof? Should we all be eating 9 AM burgers with bread after morning work outs? I feel realllllllllly strong too… like I could just work out like that every day. It’s nuts. ‘Talk amongst yourselves.’

You were probably just a little depleted and the extra calories (or starch) you ate went to refill muscle glycogen which would make your muscles look fuller and leaner. The extra calories probably also stimulated your metabolic rate. I wouldn’t try this every day or you’ll soon start laying down the fat!