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Who is Paul Carter?

Paul. Forgive me for being a filthy casual T-Nation member. I’m kind of new. What’s your story and area of expertise? Google stalking only goes so far, might as well hear it from you.

If you allow me to chime in.

If you want Paul’s story you need to have a few days free!!! The guy’s life is more complex than Forest Gump!

Paul is a friend. I have often described him as the best human being I know. He is genuinely interested in everybody and cares about people close to him more than anybody I’ve met. He is a musician, a powerlifter, a bodybuilder and overall bad ass.

Now that doesn’t tell you a lot.

If someone put a gun to my head and asked me to describe Paul I’d say that he is a “super bro” (ok, that sounds bad but let me explain).

A bro is the guy that want to be ripped, but also huge and strong AF. Paul is the dream of every gym bro. He is what every gym bro would love to accomplish. But he DID IT. He became an elite powerlifter and also a competitive bodybuilder. And he did that because he did everything to gain as much knowledge as possible about training and nutrition and then spent years applying that knowledge.

Paul was never among the top powerlifters or bodybuilders in the world. But he is strong AF, jacked as hell and super lean.

Basically he knows what it takes to get what most of us wants and since he is a great person, he wants to help everybody get there


He must be a helluva guy to have a friend like you. Someone that doesn’t need to brag about himself but, is such a person that others are willing to do it for him. Nothing but respect!


I am speechless here. I am terrible with accepting compliments but thank you, Thibs. So much love for you.


He sounds like the male version of everything I aspire to be !
Look forward to reading all of the threads and advice posted here .

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I honestly think this sells him a little short, at his most competitive he was like a top 2 or 3 guy in his weight class as a powerlifter in the world, right? That’s world-class in my book :slight_smile:

semantics aside, the dude is awesome. I’ve been following him for years, and he’s consistently put out good information. He’s absolutely on my short list of guys (which is about 7) I have an interest in listening to as far as training and nutrition go. He’s walked the walk.


I was top 20 in the world in two different weight classes at one time.