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Who is on Your 'Mount Rushmore'?


Your top four people, that you've tried to emulate, has been the biggest influence, has been someone you looked up to, were important in molding who you are in a positive way, etc.

They don't have to be famous, just have to be yours.


Chuck Yeager: I've looked up to this guy and what he accomplished for a long time, one of the most unflappable guys in Americana.

Eric: A Master Chief I worked for while I was active duty in the Navy. A hardcore motherfucker who bled Navy Blue but still had the work hard play hard old school Ethos as a part of his day to day. One of those dudes you never forget, and still hear bitching at you about being a dumbass a decade later.

Jim Henson: The advent of Sesame Street and The Muppet Show taught me a lot, including tolerance as well as music in a format I could understand.

Hunter S. Thompson: "Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride." It's made a lot of sense to me from when I first read the phrase. I think people got hung up on the "take the ride" part, ignoring "buy the ticket." To me this meant that you need to earn, you need to work and make something of yourself before indulging. Goes back to the work hard play hard ethos I guess. HST also showed what it meant to be learned and well rounded. Yeah he partied his balls off, indulged too much, but also had the angle on American Politics, Sports, and social commentary that simply made sense without giving a fuck what anyone thought...

Anyway, that's my Mount Rushmore. What's yours?


my dad

cue cheesy music


Audie Murphy

Dwight Eisenhower

My Dad


Mark Twain


Trevor Linden
Kelly Joe Phelps

Archie Goodwin
Dirk Pitt
(Yes, I know the last two are fictional, but I think a lot of my attitude has been shaped by their authors.)


Louis L'amour, the author

Sam Houston

Joshua Chamberlain

Miyamoto Musashi


Celtics in 4 different poses.


Don't be retarded.

Celtics in 2 different poses.
Peter North
Richard Ramirez(I don't like smiling in pictures either)


Musashi FTW!...I take it The Book of Five Rings is one of your fav's.


Jim Thorpe (should have been athlete of the century)

Benjamin Franklin

Margaret Brent

Ronald Reagan

(i'd just add these and still keep the originals)


blue steel is celtics one and only pose.


No fair, ID got five!


Tiger (before the scandal)

Nick Hexum

Vegita of course.



he has other poses:

shit dick
shopped ass shot
front double w/aviators


you would be correct sir. trained in an okinawan karate system in college, the instructor was big on philosophy and got me into reading Musashi as well as Sun Tzu and the Tao Te Ching.

and Musashi was just a bad sumbitch.


vegita FTW.


oh yeah and the my asshole just got altered look.


I swear I thought this was going to be a thread about TiTs.

I only have 3. Never really looked up to Man. Admired some for what they have done but never emulated except for:

My Grandmother
My Mother

Ghandi (I live in such Anger, It's there always an the thought of anyone holding me down and not striking out amazes me, to walk ahead knowing you will face an attack ) what man thinks of this as an option?


Roy Keane: Legendary Irish soccer player

Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus: Conqueror of Hannibal, never lost a battle

Michael Collins: Greatest Irishman to ever live

Pat Tillman: To even be one eight the man he was would be something to be proud off







in that order.

Can you tell that T-Nation is my life?




My friends, Jason (also my business partner), Glenn, David and my Uncle Lawrence.