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Who Is On The Horizon?

Well guys…

Four years goes by quicker than you think…and I know that there are always “unknowns” out there with their eyes on the Presidency…

Who are some of the people seriously considering a run for Presidency in 2008?

(I think that the Republicans would LOVE for Hillary to run and win the Democratic nomination…with the struggles the party is having, I can’t imagine her being a serious contender…)


Republican that I am, I’m still not sure I’d bet against Hillary…at least insofar as at least gaining the Democratic nomination goes. If you had asked people 2 years before she was elected senator from New York, if they thought she’d win that, alot of them would’ve said “no way.”

Hillary and Bill have demonstrated themselves to be skilled politicians of the highest order. I’m not sure I’d bet against her…especially now that she’s begun her strategic ‘move to the right,’ at least in terms of policy. Smart political expediency??? Hell, if there was an Olympic medal for that, the Clintons would sweep.


Micro Slash:

Indeed…they are the consummate Politicians…

Another thing about elections…there would be sort of a large number of “Why not…they (the Clintons) represent something different” voting going on anytime you have a “unique” candidate (female) and circumstances (and Ex-President as "First Gentleman/Husband?)…(much like happened with Perot and Arnold…)

After all…this would be the first Female candidate from one of the two major parties…

How significant the “Why not…” vote would be is another story…

(Adding President Clinton as “First Husband/Gentleman” would CERTAINLY add intrigue…)

Well…you just had me thinking about the possibilities…I think that the Evangelicals would ultimately “crush” the thought of those “Heathen Clintons” being back in the White House!


It’s going to be tough sledding for the Clinton’s as they no longer have free reign at the DNC. Terry McCaulif(sp) was their bitch. Now he’s gone and the Clintons have to contend with the likes of Howard Dean - who they were vehemently opposed to wrt the DNC chairmanship.

BBarrsiter made allusions to it in another thread, but one shouldn’t be too quick to dismiss Algore in 2008. He cozied up to Dean in 2004 by throwing him an unslicited endorsement.

Kerry isn’t out of the mix, yet either. He’s still convinced, or at least trying to convince himself, that he won last November. I think he’ll try it again.

Who’ll get the nod? Who knows. But I think that the three listed above will be in the fight for it. TO bad it will be another fight to see who can finish second come November 2008.

I’ll throw out a governor for the Dems. I think that Bill Richardson of New Mexico will come out for the Democrats as a viable candidate-He as actually CUT taxes in NM, which makes him the one of the only Democrats I know of to understand the Laffer curve. Plus, he has executive branch experience. As a Republican, I could see some of my libertarian friends lean his way. Plus he is Hispanic, and the Dems gotta do something to cut down the chunk of Hispanic votes that sided with Bush last year.

Richardson is a contendor. I think the Dems will have to pull someone out of the blue to run. The usual suspects are contaminated by the fringe. As a Republican I think Dean will continue to marginalize his party and don’t think 2008 will be their year. 2012 maybe.

For the Republicans I think it is a race between Rudi and Condi. Rudi has a past…the Dems will feed on it.

Condi bears watching. I need to study up on her but from what I have seen she looks good. You have to really marvel that the party of rich white men and exclusion may nominate a black woman as the presidential candidate and nobody blinks an eye. Guess maybe we are the party of inclusion. Bye the way it was Boxer, Kennedy and Schumer who attacked her at the confirmation hearings.

Makes you think. Racism isn’t dead but perhaps finally it is terminally ill and slipping fast in the US.

[quote]hedo wrote:
Makes you think. Racism isn’t dead but perhaps finally it is terminally ill and slipping fast in the US.[/quote]

careful–when I tried to make that argument earlier ProfX told me I was racist for thinking that way.

Just an FYI: Last week’s Sunday New York Times had a front-page article in the Metro section about how Senator Clinton’s approval rating among Republicans has risen. She is seen as a pragmatist in New York State, and Republican politicians have expressed their surprise at finding how satisfying it is to work with her, and that she hasn’t been prtisan when dealing with state-related issues.