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Who is on Facebook?


Just wandering how many of T Nation people are on Facebook....


I'd rather be on painkillers.


I am.


Painkillers or facebook?


Painbook...or was it facekillers?


Guilty as charged :slight_smile:



I deleted it I'm not very social and did not enjoy reading the constant updates, which alot came off as subtle bragging, and just being into people's lives in general.


I update mine hourly with very witty and insightful statuses.


Not me for a few reasons. First everyone on their I knew just complained about life and their problems and I don't keep negative people in my life online or not. Second I found out that how Facebook made it's money without all the crazy ads like Myspace does.........they sell your information.

And last, I'm old school, I can make friends in real life by just going outside and talking to people. Most people online on social networks can't do that so they try to show you a highlight reel of their life's when they only way you get to know a person for real is face to face. We all should know about the "Myspace Cropping" picture. Completely gross and realistic.


I am. I was trolling the PF page and Dixie spotted me so I added him on FB. True story. The only reason why I even have FB is to keep in contact with some girls im interested in and listen to new music my friends post.





Contrary to uber-popular belief, it doesn't have to be just for flirting, posting cameraphone pics from the bar, and quoting movies. There are some legit business benefits to social media like Facebook and... gasp... Twitter.

I have a personal page and a fan page for my training business.


After years and years of successfully avoiding Myspace, I was forced by my university to create a Facebook page upon entering college. Since I graduated I have often wanted to delete it--Facebook has caused more than a few problems for me, especially with regards to relationships/girlfriends. However, I never bring myself to do it because it has allowed me to keep in touch with people that I will otherwise probably never speak to again (people I actually like, but who live in other countries or on the other side of the US, etc.)

In the end I decided to compromise and limit it to the fullest extent. I don't have a wall and the only pictures anyone can see of me are my profile pictures and the ones I put up (mostly landscapes from hiking trips or mountain climbing etc, none of me fucked up and half naked like there used to be). Basically it is just a page with my contact information. I never go on unless I get an email telling me I have a message or some shit. It works out pretty well.


Arent we all? =p


I was, caused too many issues, so now im not.




HA HA HA...yes I was addicted to that and mobwars lol


i'm on facebook because i dont answer my phone, gotta give mom some way to reach me


If I start a FB account, will you all promise to be my friend? I so desperately need you all to say yes to validate my vapid existence... you know... being a dwarf and everything.



I don't give a shit about facebook.

If I haven't spoken to you in 5 years, let's leave it that way.