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Who Is Living Their Dream?


Just curious. My brother always wanted his own cooking show and finally got it. I was just wondering how many of you are working a job that you dreamed of?


Growing up, I was always into sports and my brother was into hunting and fishing. He ate, slept and lived for hunting. I always remember my mother telling him it was great to have a hobby, but you had to go to school or learn a career to support yourself and a family.
I went to college, double majored, and later went back and got my MBA.

In the meantime, my brother went to Northern Michigan at 18 to be a hunting guide at the Santuary. He worked his way up to foreman and head guide, until one of the patrons (millionaire) hired him and his best friend away to start Timberghost Ranch. Now he runs the ranch and is part owner. He loves what he does and never works a day in his life. Now that is the definition of success.

BTW, thanks to the economic conditions, I am starting my third job in less than a year. Moral of the story...do what you love. Success will follow. Check out www.timberghostranch.com.


Nope. Addicted to the mediocrity. It kills me.

Problem is I don't know what my dream job would even be.


Years of filth and perversion of mind ruined whatever dreams I've ever had.

That being said, on some levels, yes.

I like my career,
I have a career not just a job,
my wife is hot & we get along,
my son is the coolest little man alive,
and I help other people accomplish their dreams everyday.

Some shit could be better, but it could be much much much worse. I generally feel lucky.


what do you do?


I'm in the construction management industry. I boss illegal Mexicans around all day. So, yes, I have the dream job I've ever wanted.


I'm still 21, a whippersnapper compared to most of you. I don't have a career path or anything, hell, I'm still working my way through college.

I have completely fallen in love with training and working with others to help them achieve their goals. Maybe for now, I can be a personal trainer, but I would love to one day be a strength coach for a team of some sort.


Not me...I'm not a pornstar yet...damn.


An Accountant. I passed the exam, but need to finish the two grad courses I'm enrolled in now, and one more to get my CPA.

I work for a small firm that deals mostly with smaller, family run businesses.


80% of my life is going just as I want it to.

Of that 20%, 10% is my job/careeer and 10% is my living situation.

I'd like to make a move into the product design engineering field, but I have no experience (well, 3mo of it but that's not enough) so it's a double edged sword keeping me in my current field. The other 10% being my living situation will change soon b/c our lease is up and it's time for a move.

Besides that my training, my girl, my family and my friends are all pretty awesome. No complains THERE.


Depends what you mean by "dream Job", just how realistic a dream are we talking about?

Anyway, I'm too young to say, but I'd certainly say I'm on track for my dream career in academia.


I wonder how hard it actually is to become a male porn star. I'd imagine it's actually not hard at all, since from what I've seen you don't even have to be that good looking.


Always wanted to make the world a better place. I've taught future military officers (all 5 academies), doctors, business leaders, and even a mayor. Now if only I'd had a chance to be Obama's teacher... :wink:


Sure. Dreams change throughout life though. Make sure yours are achieved before they change and you don't care anymore.

I dreamed of being self employed and running a business with my family. Only ourselves to answer to. Our OWN BOSSES. So that's what i was fortunate enough to experience and have. We own and Operate a fitness center. I love everyday i get up at 4:445 am. Before that i hated waking up early. I could sleep till noon everyday. But when you do something you love, everything is easy and FUN.

I would encourage everyone to take a chance at something they may have been thinking about. One of my Big fears was sitting on my porch at 70 and having to wonder upon a wasted youth and time spent, what would have been? That freaked me out enough to get my heart racing. It was and is a big motivator.


It's literally like anything else in life. You have to find your niche and be good at what you do, then do it in a way that gets your style noticed.


Wise words, even if success (defined by whom?) doesn't follow at least you will still be doing what you love


Well, I wanted to be a rugby player, but arthritis in my foot put paid to that idea at 18 just as I was breaking through. The I decided I wanted to work within the fitness industry and actually did this for 2 years before the arthritis spread throughout my body to the extent that I couldnt pick up a weight with my left hand. That was at the age of 22.

So now im on meds that control it, but have had to reasess my goals and dreams. Im curently going through the process of getting my teacher qualification so that I can teach high school PE. So im not living my dream right now, but in a few years I think il be doing exactly what I want, working within sport.

Sure it's a slight compromise, but I look forward to being able to encourage kids to be healthy and enjoy sport.
Outside of work, I spent 2 years travelling after I stopped working in the fitness industry. I saw some amazing places, did some brilliant things, partied hard, met plenty of nice ladies and had some great experiences.

So all in all I like where I am, sure some things could have turned out better, but there are alwas bound to be bumps in the road.


I'm not living it but I'm working towards it

That being said my dream is a long way off anyways and I'm just enjoying the road on the way there baby. That's what I think about life btw, it's has little to do with the destination but more to do with the road you take to get there...


I just cut my working week from 3 jobs at 80hrs plus to 1 job at about 10hrs.
Tutoring has to be close to the best job in the world.
I'm now earning more and am not even stressed anymore.


Not yet, but have trace elements of it. :slightly_smiling:

One of my criteria for a great life was doing lots of different things. This I have certainly accomplished.
Well, quite a few anyway.

Have regained a portion of my sanity, learned to reduce the efects of stress on my body (still working on
this), almost finisheda new qualification, written some fun and some meaningful poetry, have a stock of some seriously awesome bath products, cultivate a Pollyanna view of some things, regret the prevalence of dunderheadism in the world, "etc etc etc" (a great quote from Yul Brynner in The King and I).

Achieved a couple of milestones, not able to achieve others, but fortunately and so far, others pop up every day.

Jeez, I really do sound like Pollyanna...