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Who is Kimbo Slice


Who is this guy? Supposed underground street fighter that fights for purses. I've seen a bad video of him beating another guys eye into pudding.


I saw that clip.

I also saw one of him getting beaten in a LONG fight. I thought the man was invincible before that. Maybe google it or search youtube.com



I've seen videos of him. He's very aggressive and brutal. However, there's one vid where he actually loses to a guy named Gannon (who is MMA and went on to UFC). Kimbo wasn't prepared for the stand up submission holds that Gannon put on him.


He's a street boxer who's already been taken out by a low grade mma fighter. The challenge was made after he got far too much exposure.


There is also a video out there of him fighting some off duty cop I believe. The guy beat kimbos' ass. evrytime the guy started whoopin' kimbos' ass his posse would jump in and say no kicking or no choking or no this and that.


i've seen most of his fight's online and he seems to be a knock out artist in underground boxing, but when it comes to any kind of mma (someoone actually grabs hold of him) he gets f'd up. still pretty cool to watch, plushe's on big mf'r


Gannon never really used any stand up submissions. He used a few holds as I recall and a few knees and stopped both after Kimbo's people complained. For the most part Gannon beat him in a fist fight. Kimbo's posses complaints were more or less due to a lack of understanding. They wanted a fist fight but agreed to a fight with no kicks (described in a way to allow knees, I don't remember what I read the exact wording was) and no ground submissions. I've seen the video and saw a post that I believe was made by Gannon on a forum.


Kimbo was beaten in that long vid by Sean Gannon. Yes Gannon is a police officer full time who competed in the UFC a few months back. He lost to Brandon Hinkle.

Anywho, you could always talk to Gannon about the fight over at sherdog.net

Gannon posts under GannonTheCannon (can't remember if there are any spaces in between). Gannon would talk to us the weeks and days leading up to the Kimbo fight and would actually answer his PM's! He almost lost his job because of it.

Kimbo is one tough brawler but not cut out for mma fighting. Had he worked on his conditioning and using some ground game he may do ok. A little too old at this point to start.

He does private security (bodyguard) for some really rich white guys.


He sucks.


In case you can't get enough of him...


What is pretty amazing is how he's become relatively famous he's become without being a "real" fighter.


Does anyone have the link where Kimbo gets an ass whoopin from the off-duty cop??


I remember when the fight with Sean Gannon was set up. No one thought Gannon had a chance.

I guess looking tough is much more important to the vast majority of the population than having actual fighting ability.

And since Sean Gannon got exposed in the UFC, I'm guessing Kimbo would even get hammered in grass roots MMA events held in local dive bars.


WTF is this ?



Yikes! Did Kimbo actually destroy that dude's eyeball?


To steal a phrase from Phil Baroni ... that is the coolest Kimbo video EVA!!!!


It's on the google video site, quick search wont heart.


It's the first link I posted above:


He can't be winning very often, seeing as he can't afford a razor.


He is actually the bouncer/bodyguard that you will see on the porn vids by inthevip.com

His site kimbo305.com takes you to their paysite.

The vip porn and the fighting is all in miami/ft lauderdale.

btw, the girls in those vids are smokin.

PS. Might be an obvious post to some of yous