Who Is Emotionally Attached to Their Post Count?

I’m guilty.

Join date is kind of a big deal for me, too.

I feel a kind of penis envy when posters from 2002 post. And an incredulity at their measly 400 posts!

Don’t pretend like you don’t feel the same way. On this site.

I’m not attach to my post count. At least on this site not. I used to be a post hunter on a gaming site, since you would get a better avatar with a rising post count.

Here I only envy the lifting numbers of most user, not so much the post count. :wink:

Penis envy? Post counts?


Maybe you need to follow the name of the forum and “Get a Life.”

It is a small man (woman) who places emphasis on their post count.

That said, I crush all of you on this thread thus far on post count, so I guess I’m a pretty big deal around here.


Dude, forums aren’t for you.

I couldn’t…

… care less! 8^)

Yep, all the guys with the small post counts come out to jeer.

Boo freakin hoo.



you are

my IDOL!

[quote]Cortes wrote:
Yep, all the guys with the small post counts come out to jeer.

Boo freakin hoo.


Idiots typically get jeered at.

Especially when you post 3 threads with one word in each post.

Post whore.

I am guilty as charged. That’s why my post count is sooo high…

oh wait…

Forget it…

I wish I had joined earlier and posted less.

I don’t care at all… about post count. I do look at join date. Which sucks because in reality I joined in '05, and was locked out of my account, had to make a new one… and now look like a total n00b.

just realizes there’s a post count

Penis envy regarding post count?! You need a woman :slight_smile:


And yes, early join date and low post count…

You’re gonna try n have my badge revoked for this, but until you brought this up I honestly couldn’t have told you my post count within a couple thousand. I do remember the month and year I registered though.

I pay to much attention to post count when it comes to someones advice. If a guy with 5 posts comes on and says something I won’t necessarly listen but if someone with 4000 posts says the same thing I tend to listen a little closer.

Anyone with a join date post 2002 is a loser. I thought that this was common knowledge.